Arjuna Ranatunga back as Chairman of Sri Lanka Cricket

OK not true. But a closer look at the recently appointed committee will reveal Arjuna’s finger prints all over SLC administration.

President Mahinda Rajapakse’s recent appointment for the posts of chairman and secretary of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) appears to be a move to pacify Arjuna Ranatunga, and not a decision made for the benefit of Sri Lanka’s Cricket.

Somchandra De Silva, Pramodaya Wickremasinghe, and Nishantha Ranatunga are all close allies of the former World Cup winning skipper. Nishantha Ranatunga is Arjuna’s younger brother.

It is almost guaranteed now that there will be some friction between the decisions made by SLC and Gamini Lokuge the sports minister.

It was Lokuge who removed Ranatunga recently in order to mend ties with the Indian Cricket board. Ranatunga’s policies as Chairman of SLC were deemed destructive towards the Indian backed IPL tournament.

Ranatunga’s removal may have been more of a move to appease the Indian board in order to secure much needed revenue. This move by Rajapakse however highlights the influence Arjuna Ranatunga still maintains over matters pertaining to Sri Lanka Cricket.

One hopes that Somachandra De Silva is able to stand his own ground and make decisions beneficial to Sri Lanka’s Cricket. His role as Chairman is not to serve as a mouth piece for Arjuna or create barriers between the administration and the sportsman.

It is worth noting that D.S. De Silva was initially given the role of Sri Lanka school Cricket’s development officer a year ago. He also served as President Rajapakse’s adviser for all matters involving SLC. I must admit that I am not aware of De Silva’s accomplishments in the 12 months he served as development officer. If his accomplishments where indeed noteworthy  – he then must be given the benefit of the doubt.

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