Are we becoming the Asian chokers?

After the 1996 World Cup, we have played 4 world cups and two 20-20 world cup. If we see our performances,except in the 99′ world cup and 07′ T20 world cup we have at least reached the semi finals. but we have not taken the responsibility and gone ahead and won the title in even one tournament which is very sad. i am a very big supporter of the sri lankan team even though i am an indian and supported sanga and his men even in the finals,but the team has to talk to itself and see why we fail to perform in the knockout stages. the whole world has kept the tag "chokers" for south africa. but it seems we are choking at the final stages of every tournament. Dhoni’s Luck factor has enabled him to win any tournament he plays and able to pull  out wins in unrealistic situations. But now we must start seriously looking for new talent as many of our best players would be retiring in some years. we must also start grooming a new captain like angelo or upul or even chandimal. best of luck lions.

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