Aravinda De Silva in Sri Lankas Nothern Jaffna Province Hunting for Unearthed Cricket Talent

Former Sri Lankan Skipper Aravinda De Silva is in Jaffna’s St. John’s College.

The Aravinda de Silva Sports Foundation travels the island nation looking for talent in what’s known as ‘The Pathway Programme’

In his column for the Sunday Leader De Silva speaks of his admirable programme which gives rural youth the opportunity to play cricket at the highest level.

I am writing this column from Jaffna. From St.Johns’ College cricket grounds to be exact. I am here to search for talent through the Aravinda de Silva Sports Foundation.

The programme is to identify and nurse talent for 15 and over and under 18 year players for the future. Coca Cola of India is sponsoring this programme and we were assisted by the Peace Secretariat. We call it the "pathway programme" and I intend unearthing talent to represent Sri Lanka in the future. This weekend is going to be exciting stuff and I am looking eagerly to the 70 players identified to show their wares. – Aravinda


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  1. Greate !
    Yes.. we need to take people from those regions to our national Cricketing System.

    I guess they might have real cricketing talents with them.

    It may be a good idea to make schools of these regions to have proper School Cricket Teams and Big Matches.

  2. Finally!!!
    Finally someone has taken the initiative to follow-up the work i did for the North -East in 2005. Unfortunately the war broke out and i had to cease the progress i made with the coaching programs i carried out at Dambulla for combined North/East selected players. My reports to the SLC of the fine talent and request to sponsor some of the outstanding players went unheeded.

    For the record with the help of the Peace Sec & SLC ( Mr Duleep Mendis’s blessings)and the Sri Lanka Airforce we were able to bring a Team from the North to play a match Vs the Colombo School side to commemorate ‘International Peace Day’

    This was a great achievement, credi goes to SLC,Peace Sec,& the Air-Force, as the war had just broke out and travel from Jaffna was not possible.

    I hope Aravinda will do justice to the follow up of my hard work and progress will be made to develop the game in the North/East.

    The obvious is to improve the infrastructure of the playing facilities of cricket
    and sponsor the most outstanding players to play in Colombo clubs. Also, be able to participate in the Schools Provincial Cricket, which previously was objected by SLC Officials because the war and the Logistics of visiting or bringing a Provicial team from the North.

    I hope Aravinde will not face the opposition i faced from the LTTE at the initial period of my coaching programes which i was able to negotiate with the help of the LTTE spokesperson to continue with my coaching programme.

    Looking forward to read the progress Aravinda makes in these pages in the future.


  3. Well done Kumar.
    I’ve seen

    Well done Kumar.

    I’ve seen the article in a newspaper about the visiting schoolboys from Jaffna and thought it was really worthwhile thing to do. 

    Anyway we can help?

  4. I heard a young boy, 19 years
    I heard a young boy, 19 years old or younger, has caught Aravinda’s eye. He is a fast bowler from Jaffna. And from what I hear Aravinda will make every effort to make sure he is the first to play cricket for Sri Lanka from Jaffna.

  5. That is great news Sameera.
    That is great news Sameera. Thanks for letting us know.

    Boy do we need a fast bowler right now!! And one from Jaffna at that will be the icing on the cake.

    I believe back in the pre-independent days, we had a world class Cricketer from Jaffna, playing for Ceylon Team.
    I read an article recently which said something to the effect that during the 2nd world war,  he played for the home team against a visting team from Australia and did very well.

    But as you said, this boy will be the first to play for SRILANKA team from Jaffna. lol.

  6. Hi All who had the time to
    Hi All who had the time to follow this article… is 2011 …and no progress is made in the North to improve the quality of the sport in the North/East. I know a Provincial Coach is appointed to oversee the cricket in this area. What progress is made and what opportunities are provided to the young cricketers is questionable. The hype and talk must stop and action must be seen. The North must do it’s own work to improve the standard of the game by seeking assistance from overseas expats. It cannot solely rely or wait for the Cricket Board’s assistance.

    The North produce some of the finest cricketers in the distant past. This was possible because of the efforts of thge Schools & District Associations. We have not seen any outstanding players come out of the North since Nagulasweran in 1980, i think?

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