Another camouflage cricket AGM?

Sri Lanka cricket administartion is heading for disaster if this years AGM is also marred by contestants requested to withdraw. There is a limit to interference. Last time, Michael de Zoysa and Mathivanan withdrew and subsequently got managers post and Vice presidency post rspectively. Others with integrity like Ana P, Sidath, Schafter were forced to withdraw. It will be a good idea if Charith nominates himself nd then asked to withdraw and later he may get the CEOs post.

The ICC is watching the situation and so too are majority of expatriates. One only has to read comments appearing in Islandcricket and other onlines to feel the pulse of fans. Almost unanimously the corruption and intererence is exposed to the whole world. Soon all this will come to an end at the expense of Cricket’s death knell and then the 2 new stadiums will be white elephants.

I appeal to all disgruntled fans, excricketers, journos like Rex, Saadi, Mahinda W, Channaka , Ranjan Pathiravitana and calistus Davy and present cricketers to jointly petition the ICC of the going ons as thre will be nothing left of SL cricket. The politicians are killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

Cricket which was a gentlemens game is being taken over by thugs like our parliamen t. Cobbler stick to your last as Cricket is a different game to politics.

Ranjan Rodrigo Sydney

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