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Silly Point Report, March 22, 2011

Hello there, Group Stage is over in the World Cup 2011. Quarter finalists are already getting ready to face the all important knock out stage, so let’s we see who will make it to the Semi Finals. This analysis is prepared according to the performances each country has shown so far, moreover group standings were taken in to the consideration for the analysis.

Path to Semi Finals as predicted by Silly Point Report

Quarter Finals


Possible Winning Team

Pakistan Vs West Indies


India Vs Australia


New Zealand Vs South Africa

South Africa

Sri Lanka Vs England

Sri Lanka

Quarter Final 01 (Pakistan Vs West Indies)

As predicted by most of the analysts before the world cup starts, main eight test playing nations were selected for the knock out stage without creating any drama. So Pakistan playing against West Indies in the 1st quarter finals is not a surprise.

Pakistan ended their group stage while bagging 5 most important matches and becoming the highest point scorer in Group A. Most of the matches they won simply because of their bowling strength, they had ups and downs in their batting during the group stage, overall they showed matured and professional cricketing skills in order to become the Number one.

In other hand, West Indies they had a mixed package in this season. They performed really well with the minnows but they were out casted by superior teams such as India, England and South Africa. Overall they failed to perform as a team, only few individual knocks get them through to the Quarter Finals.

Wednesday match will be totally a different ball game; Group stage performance will not count on this, the team play with more confidence and minimum mistakes will win the match eventually. But Pakistan have upper hand on winning this match since their bowling attack and batting lineup is more stronger than west indies. Shahid Afridi (Highest Wicket Taker in the season), Umar Gul and Shoaib Akhtar are in great form with ball, so do their top order batting so they have a great chance on winning this first Quarter Final at Dhaka

Quarter Final 02 (Australia Vs India)

This is the most important and exciting Quarter Final out of all four. Actually cricket analysts were predicted these 2 great teams will meet up in the Final or Semi Final not in the Quarter Final. While surprising all the cricket fans they are meeting up on Quarter Final 02 on Thursday at Ahmadabad.

Both teams are in great nick while winning 4 group stage matches. Both teams are inseparable when analyzing on their group stage performances. Undoubtedly India has the best batting line up in this season. In other hand Australia has the best fast bowling attack in this season. So basically it will be the clash between top batting line up and best fast bowling attack on this Thursday.

When considering the ground conditions and past world cup statistics, Australia have performed really well in crunch games rather than India. India most of the time failed during the big matches due to the inability of handling pressure. In other hand Australia have few players who really can handle the pressure in crunch games.

Since match is playing in India, India team will feel the pressure and another important factor is that their middle order is not playing well at the moment. If big guns like Shewag, Tendulkar and Yuveraj fail god knows what will happen to the Indian team. Specially they have not capitalized their batting power play well in this season. Finally their bowling attack, only Zaheer Khan is in good rhythm.

So Australia has a great chance on winning this all important Quarter Final thrashing Indians out of the World Cup 2011.

Quarter Final 03 (New Zealand Vs South Africa)

Another easily predictable match considering the performances they have showed in the group stage. New Zealand only had one great outing in the group stage, when they comprehensively thrash Pakistan. Other than that they were unable make an impact with other teams.

In other hand, South Africa apart from unexpected loss to England they showed consistence performance with other teams, specially with great teams. They are the number one team out of all the teams in the season.

South Africa has the best balanced team in this season with 8 Batters, 2 Fast Bowlers, 2 Spinners and 2 All Rounder’s. All are in great form. In other hand, New Zealand again failed to play for their strength, they have required strength but they are not consistence as a team, that’s the drawback kiwis facing at the moment.

So overall South Africa has a great chance to qualify for the Semi Final in this season

Quarter Final 04 (Sri Lanka Vs England)

2nd most talk about quarter final in this season. Sri Lanka with comprehensive wins in the group stage is well placed for the 4th quarter final with England. England in other hand had the most dramatic world cup season ever in their cricketing history. Once they tied, once they loss to minnows, once they beat the best team, likewise they had an amazing world cup so far.

But when considering the home condition and Sri Lanka’s ability Saturday match will not be an easy one to England’s. Beating Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka soul is so hard, so Sri Lanka have the upper hand on Saturday’s game.

Furthermore according to our analysis Sri Lanka has the best spin attack in this season, none of the England batsmen haven’t played to Mendis yet, So Mendis factor will be a decisive one for England.

Therefore when consider all these factors, Sri Lanka have a great chance to make it to the semi final defeating England in this weekend.

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