An interesting list of players…

Since the first ever ODI World Cup was played in 1975………..

-Garfield Sobers (was in the squad for 1975 WC, but pulled at the last minute due to injury, and never played in another WC)
-Waqar Younis (was in the squad for 1992 WC,but was replaced due to ankle injury, played 2 WCs after that)
-Brian Lara
-Jacques Kallis
-Ian Botham
-Rahul Dravid
-Anil Kumble
-Mahela Jayawardene
-Kumar Sangakkara

-*Sachin Tendulkar(ok, he did win in ’11, but he almost, definitely missed his last chance in 2011 WC, if not for a strong minded Dhoni)

Probably the greatest players to grace the game,,but weren’t/aren’t meant to be ‘World Champs’

PS: No disrespect is meant for any of the above awesome players, just an observation!

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