Already forgotten? Ten days since the terror attacks in Pakistan!

It was just about 10 days ago when the whole world was shocked to hear that terrorists attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team.

People from Barack Obama to Nicholas Anelka (Chelsea Football Club striker) were shocked to hear the sad news.

They say an elephant never forgets – our national animal is the elephant – we still remember the attack – we have not forgotten.

But I write this for a reason.

In my last post I said in Pakistan they only know to games.



Well the blame game is over. The terrorist escaped, and except for a few buzzes by the media there is no talk about the attack.

The Pakistanis where I live have not forgotten. Unfortunately people here are engaging in the "Restoration of Democracy", at least the so called lawyers are – fighting against the president to get back the Chief Justice.

But this is not about politics. i just want to say that Pakistan doesn’t care. Salman Taseer promised a report last weekend. It never came!

To experience Pakistan you have to be here. I am very happy I will be leaving Pakistan in One Year.

I hope Nawaz Sharif and Zardari  both rot in hell.

May God bless you ,
May God bless me, and may God bless the USSL (UNITED STATES OF SRI LANKA).

Chrismal in Pakistan.

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