Aftermath of hurricane Ranatunga

A recent article on Cricinfo outlined Arjuna Ranatunga’s whirlwind tenure as chief of SLC.

It appears the Cricinfo staff went to great lengths to put together a time-line of Arjuna’s "not so" greatest moments.

Think of it as the destruction left behind in the wake of a huge hurricane.

Did I say huge? Make that HUGE. Sri Lanka has never before seen a hurricane of this size and magnitude. It will take sometime before normalcy is regained.

Below is the list I speak of from Cricinfo. Here is the direct link.

Controversies during Ranatunga’s tenure
April: Media manager Samantha Algama is sacked and replaced by former SSC cricketer Shane Fernando.
– A five-match ODI series against Pakistan is arranged which clashes with the inaugural IPL.
– Criticises IPL by comparing Twenty20 cricket to ‘instant noodles’.
July-August : Antagonises Indian board by inviting banned Sri Lankan ICL players to the podium for award ceremony during Sri Lanka-India Test and ODI series.
– Hashan Tillakaratne, who was appointed by Ranatunga as manager of the national team, is replaced two days into the job by the sports minister.
September: Signs MoU with ECB to send Sri Lanka team to England in April-May 2009. The tour clashes directly with second IPL tournament. Series fails to materialise after sports minister intervenes on IPL-contracted players’ request.
– Indian board says it will provide cash-strapped SLC US$70m over a 10-year period but is concerned at ‘totally unjustified’ hostility of Sri Lankan management. At an IPL meeting in Bangkok, Indian delegation reportedly says there will be no deal as long as Ranatunga is chairman.
October: Interim Committee fails to take decision on Badureliya CC relegation/promotion incident. Issue drags on for five weeks before it is finally resolved by the Sports Council.
December: Sixteen SLC employees who are dismissed by Ranatunga appeal to the President and sports minister, who overrules the sackings as the decision was taken without consulting him.
– Sports minister dissolves Interim Committee.
Dec 25 Christmas day: The hurricane has now passed. Those who uttered the phrase " This too shall pass", are now firmer believers in the almighty.


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    • What SL needs is a elected

      What SL needs is a elected body free of politics. Arjuna may have good intentions but his bull in the china shop like approach, stubborn attitudes wht lead to this mess in SLC

      I agree 100% but as long as Sri Lanka Cricket and the administration is run by corrupt politicians and government, we should privatise SLC!

  1. Ha ha!! Hurricane Ranatunga.
    Ha ha!! Hurricane Ranatunga. What a wasted year..we need to get some fresh people into sri lanka cricket. We need to get brand new faces, unknown people who can do a good job as administrators.

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