Adam Gilchrist’s feeble attempt at selling his autobiography

What better way to market your own autobiography than to feed the Aussie public’s dislike towards sub-continental cricketers?

The publishers of any cricket autobiography – from down under – would warrant some form of controversy, or who would buy a book on Adam Gilchrist’s life story, barring a few hardcore fans?

His book has been marred with controversial claims and name calling. Gilchrist went from accusing Sachin Tendulkar of unsportsmanlike conduct and being dishonest to calling Murali a Chucker.

What better way to sell a book than to call Test cricket’s highest wicket taker – Pariah to all oblivious Aussies – Muttiah Muralitharan, a chucker? The direct excerpts of his book and Gilchrist’s statements show that he has not an iota of knowledge behind the tests which cleared Murali, or the subject.

Understanding Murali’s action – Sky News

Cricinfo quoted Gilchrist as saying, "the argument that Murali’s suspect action was an optical illusion was legally correct, it was a direct attack to the spirit of the game".

It is apparently OK to disregard scientific evidence and fact to defame another sportsman, in order to sell your own book.

All that is well within the "spirit of the game".

Muralitharan’s action not clean – Gilchrist

Gilly goes on to fuel more conspiracy theories in his autobiography, ironically titled True Colours, by claiming that Murali, a cricketer from a poor third world Island nation, benefited from some form of  "political protection."

I don’t blame Gilchrist for mistaking Sri Lankans for Indians. The all powerful Indian board may seem to get it’s way in today’s cricketing world, but Murali was in no means cleared by Asian authorities, nor was he cleared due to any political influence.

If you read my post titled Muttiah Murali Muralitharan | Debunking The Urban Legend you will know that the the suggestions to amend the chucking laws came from none other than the scientist from the University of Western Australia and a six man panel which included the likes of Tim May (AUS) and Micheal Holding (WI).

The rule change was also over looked and approved by a MCC bowling review sub committee.

ICC defends ‘chucking’ procedures

Gilchrist called the rule change "horse crap" and said the situation had reached an absurd point where the laws were changed to accommodate Murali. "When I heard that the rules would now allow degree of straightening – 15 degrees to be exact, a fraction more than Murali’s straightening had been measured at – I thought ‘That’s a load of horse crap. That’s rubbish." – Cricinfo

What Adam clearly does not seem to know is that 15 degrees is the point that the human eye can detect any flexation or jerk in the bowling action.

One does not expect athletes to know much about science or dwell deeply into facts.

Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me to hear Gilchrist’s opinion on Murali’s action. It, however, would make for one hell of a defamation case in a court of law. Murali has the game’s governing body, prominent Australian bio-mechanist, and the MCC on his side.

For too long has Murali remained silent as others slander him as a means to gain media attention, and now a few thousand dollars.

Well played Gilly! Your True Colours are showing!


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  1. Dear oh dear Gilly, it’s as
    Dear oh dear Gilly, it’s as if your full time job has gone from cricketer to CLOWN! You’re right SMSD, Murali bashing is so old and getting very tedious now. And how I would love to see Murali/SLC sue Gilchrist for abusing in the name of free speech.

    True Colours is a fitting title and the irony quite wonderful considering this lowly writing and these pitiful accusations come from a player who was supposedly ‘a true gent’ in the modern game. He really is dropping like they were hot all the appearences he was keeping up as a player now that he has retired.

    I saw this article on cricinfo but thanks for the video links Hilal.

    Is Ture Colours in the comedy/humour section of all reputable bookstores?!

  2. i have lost all d respect 4
    i have lost all d respect 4 gilchrist…he is a big piece of shit 4 me now…hw can he call a legend like murali a chucker…murali’s record says it all…he is a legend…all hail muralitharan…..Australian public n Australian players r a big pice of shit…dey can fuck off n go 2 hell…i don mind abusing aussies now…dey deserve it…big tym 🙂

  3. Dear Gilly,
    I’m a fan of

    Dear Gilly,
    I’m a fan of yours. I am aware that you are such a devastating batsman who can destroy any bowling attack.

    But, like Warny, your big mouth is your problem. Please keep it safe and shut. Don’t let it out foolish comments on such a player like MM.

    Nevertheless why you publish all these things after your carrier for Aussie. Specially after writing a book. It seems that your book is piece of crap!

    Please be a honest man, admit that you are jealous or you want to sell your book more!

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