A view from the pavilion

It can now be officially said that Sri Lanka is more like a copy of a sporting superpower like Arsenal, which produced talents compensating for trophies. Well, I would say that it may still not be clearly the case, as we need to find our weakest, as well as the missing link.

Some opinions suggest that these might be to the existing captaincy and a change is required or maybe Sangakkaras keeping skills need to be enhanced as it replicates the the end of our previous world cup defeats.

Personally, I wouldnt go to the extent of opinionating by the thought of replacing a captain as it is a major factor in Sri Lanka reaching the latter or even to be precise, the noteworthy stages of the tournament.

This may be in contrast to what other well established nations have gained and in comparison, Sri Lankans have made a mark in such a small period.

In this regard, I would say a change in captaincy or suggesting a new vice-captain may not be appropriate, just because of the fact that we lost with nearly two overs to spare in the very last match we played.
There are also concerns of how selection has played a major role and this could be the major factor.

A team like Sri Lanka works like a cogwheel, as we have seen in previous tournaments and if one teeth misses, our mechanism may malfunction.

Now, it can be said that veteran Vaas may be that particular gap we need to fill, but still not enough effort was put in, as he knows all about pressure and he’s been there and done that.

Speaking of the ’96 World Cup winning star ‘Sana’, he may still have some vital cards up his sleeve. Too bad non of this hasnt been seen and may not be seen in the future.

Finally, Sri Lankans have made an impact within 14 years of playing Tests to a World Cup winning nation and consistency has been prevailing ever since, but we need to have our fingers crossed to see who may be the next legend to the likes of Murali or in my opinion, Vaasy as well.

Even statiscally we have seen the number of records engraved by our team. In comparison, other major Test playing nations have not been even close to what we have actualized. We have fared well in the land down under a few months back which was a milestone and hope we can carry that spirit through out the years to come and learn from the minor errors that lead to major consequences.

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