A tribute to Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara is truly a legend. His decision to step down from captaincy is one that cannot be accepted or come to terms with by any Sri Lankan or any cricket fan.

He gave the Sri Lankan cricket fraternity a whole new meaning. Such a noble person resigning is an utter shock, not only to me as a fan, but I believe to the entire cricket fraternity as well.

The aura with which Sangakkara carried the Lions is something you cannot explain in words. He did something so different. He is so unique, so outstanding and definitely so classy.

From a sports point of view, Kumar Sangakkara’s batting and wicket keeping was just so pleasant to watch. The way he batted, the way he stumped the batsmen, when they were out of the crease and the whole idea of him being one of the world’s best wicket keepers, is something else.

Being able to watch you play all through your career, I must say I am beyond lucky. I would never have come across such a player like yourself and I count myself lucky for being part of the generation to have watched every ball you played.

From a humanitarian point of view, there is only one word that can describe Kumar Sangakkara.” GENTLEMAN”. He is a thorough gentleman. Be it on field or off field. There is no match up to this legend. His interpersonal skills, charity works and generally as a human is really award-winning. He is so down-to-earth and simple. And definitely, he got the best partner, Yehali to complement his noble characteristics.

As he steps down from his captaincy, we as Sri Lankans should join hands and give him the greatest farewell ever. Not to forget, we shall still be seeing him in test matches and hopefully a few more games here and there. But nevertheless, Kumar Sangakkara will be missed greatly.

I am yearning to say “Sangakkara, please stay! The cricket fraternity needs you and we as a nation need you to be in the team. You are one of the reasons the team has attained such great heights.” But that would be selfish of me. I believe he has made his decision with careful thought. So as a fan, I can only say “In whatever you do, Kumar Sangakkara, you are wished nothing but the best. You will always have God’s blessings in all your endeavours.”

Kumar Sangakkara will be able to find himself a successor but to find someone to emulate him is IMPOSSIBLE. No one is capable of being Sangakkara.

You will be dearly missed on the pitch. We are quite certain we will see you off pitch. But the aura you had on pitch was something else.


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