A series whitewash – We found just an Oasis

Sri Lanka won only their second Test series since August 2014 and six Test series after the win over Pakistan in our own great Mahela Jayawardena’s farewell series, apart from a Test series win over hapless West Indies in October 2015.

Why this series is of that much of significance is that our SL team was in a dessert going on their journey, which is International Cricket, for almost a year or two, finding their way through, without much success and having rough times on and off the field, found an oasis in the form of a series white wash win over world no. 1 Test team in Australia.

I am going to write some posts in the future on this series win and for the time being here is a post composed with some of my tweets, which were filled with pure joy and appreciation towards our team while soaking up a memorable win as a Cricketing fan.

Also I would like to emphasize that this is just an oasis, not a prosperous city on their way through. They have beaten world no.1 team to a whitewash, yes, but the real challenges lie ahead in future, which is to rectify the mistakes and adjust the critical concerns and be consistent, thus become a better Test playing nation.

We won't see these scenes everyday, beating the no.1 Test team in the world to a series whitewash. Young team played a brand of Cricket too good for Aussies! We, fans will cherish this win for a long time. The significance of the context and the importance of this win are for future.

Our young team defied the odds along with glorified Aussie pre-match media hype and white washed them at the end of a memorable series. What more you'd asked from a team who was so poor and abysmal in the last 1 to 2 years and in a re-building phase? This is exactly what this team needed, fans needed. A young team who was at the bottom, rising towards a new era of SL Cricket, which we as fans wish and hope, would last forever.

In the long run, youngsters have to be consistent, not taking things for granted, not being complacent and over confident. A world beating side will be seen in future if our guys will live up to the mark as seen throughout this series. There are still things that might be gone unnoticed, but I am sure the personnel who matter might have taken a note or two on those concerns.

Credit goes to the team, selectors and especially to curators, who have to be specially lauded for prepping challenging pitches which were not extreme. On Aussies, on a reasonable note, can't say they played bad, just that SL played way better and didn't allow them to settle down and allowed them to play well. Finally, Warne-Murali trophy is SL's for the 1st time since its inception in 2007.

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