A different insight to Sri Lanka’s World Cup disaster

Photo credit: © Reuters

Where should I start? I do not even know. It all points back to that disastrous tour of India where we got our behinds kicked. An unplanned tour set up by Sri Lanka Cricket officials did not play well for the oldest team of test playing nations.

Sri Lanka came into the World Cup as the second oldest team behind UAE. Upon entering the World Cup, the average age of the Sri Lankan squad was 31.07 years. This is a very aged team for a professional sport team. The average age of a MLB (Major League Baseball) player is 27 years, the average age of a NFL(National Football League) player is around 25 years.  Some might say experience over having young guns is better. I beg to differ. 

Lets break it down: What are the average ages of the four semi-finalists in the World Cup?

1.Australia: 28.62 years.
2.India: 27.35 years.
3. New Zealand: 29.51 years.
4. South Africa: 29.31 years.

What I saw in this particular World Cup was Sri Lanka lost its spark in fielding. While the Kiwis, Proteas are flying around, our players seemed very lethargic, some seemed like they did not want to go for a catch. No offense, but what I noticed was Sri Lankan players (with the exception of Sangakkara) have beer bellies. Nobody is perfect, but when you are a professional athlete it is your duty to stay in shape. They were not in any way of 'sports fit' physiques. If you do not fly around, chase the balls, how can you be a world class team? 

There is a lot of cleaning up to, I am not only talking about the players, but the officials as well.  

It was a sad ending to a World Cup campaign, but the way the Sri Lankans played they never deserved to be in a semi final. I feel sad for Sangakkara, because he was the only player who actually made an effort. This is a great heads up for Sri Lankan cricket. Time to clean up your act.

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