5 things we want for Murali at Pallekele

Fittingly the iconic Muttiah Muralitharan gets to perform in front of his adoring masses at the picturesque Pallekele Stadium in Kandy today. As part of his farewell tour

So what do we want to see to truly befit his legend?

1. We Want A Sexy Sri Lankan Victory

This would encompass these things:
-Sri Lanka batting first and scoring 507/1
-Of which both Tillikaratne Dilshan and Kumar Sangakkara both get 200’s
-Dilshan bringing up his 200 off the last ball with a ‘Dil SCoop’ that sails over the fence for 6!

2. Prior to the Game A Report From Australia Comes In About Darrel Hair

This centres around him being paid by Asian gamblers prior to the 1996 World Cup to deliberately no ball Murali. For their was so much money invested in an Indian win. Thus Murali was seen as a huge threat to this happening. The Anti Corruption unit have found Swiss Bank Accounts tied to Mr Hair and the Indian gambling syndicates.

Thus it is reported Hair will be ‘chucked’ in jail for the rest of his life

3. Murali Wins The Man Of The match

In the Zimbabwean reply to this mammoth total.Murali has two spells.In his first he gets a hatrick.Then in his 2nd spell with Zimbabwe 7 down he gets another hatrick to bowl them out.

4. For the Game Sangakkara relinquishes the Captaincy for One Game To Honour Murali

Seeing this is his last game in front of his home crowd.In honour of his meaning to Sri Lankan cricket and the Sri Lankan people. Prior to the game Kumar Sangakkara announces that Murali will be the Sri Lankan Captain for this game. So as to lead the Team onto the ground and let the Crowd acknowledge his true meaning and greatness.

5. In The Post Match The ICC automatically awards Murali Legend Status

This speech is started by firstly apologising for all the disrespectful treatment he has received. This said on the basis of him unfairly being labelled a ‘chucker’. When time and time again his action has been deemed legal.After this the ICC automatically awards Murali Legend status for the game.

– Posted with permission from Tim Holt.

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