2011 WC Final – Fan Memories – Audio Collage

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is well. Some of you may know me from the  The Armchair Critics Podcast on

I thought I’d try and get a bit more fan involvement for the show.

If anyone is aware, today is one year on from the WC Final in 2011. I thought it would be cool to do an audio collage of some of your experiences during Apr 2,2011.

So click on the link below

Do a quick recording, try to keep this under 3 mins. But if you got something great to share you are welcome to go up to 5 mins and then email the link to the recording or or the actual recording at

Please follow the guide below when recording

1) Do a quick intro of you and where you are based and where you watched the game from

eg. Damith from Sydney, I watched the game on tv in Sydney with all my mates

2) Talk about how you were feeling

-before the game
-during the game
-after the first innigns ended
-how you felt during indias chase
-how you felt after

3) Try to share more about your experience. If you were at the ground, or india, you can talk about the atmosphere

4) Share any anecdotes you might have.

5) Have a rant if you want. Dont insult players. Keep it clean (as can be reasonably expected! It was a heartbreaking day after all ! )

Any questions leave a reply here.

I will collate them and use it on the podcast. Thanks for all the help in advance.

Note: After you do the recording, play it back and see if it sounds ok. Basically, try to make the audio quality as good as you can

Send in your recordings by this Friday

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