10 things Sri Lanka needs to be aware of before playing deadly India in SL

From the recent past India undoubtedly has become the most dangerous team to set foot on the island nation. Ever since they toured Sri Lanka in 2008 they have been the far dominant team over-powering the hosts by a long way.

India beat Sri Lanka 3-2 in the bilateral ODIs in both the years 2008 & 2009 in SL and also snatching the Asia Cup from Sri Lanka’s grasps in 2010.This ODI series in 2012 vs India will be most important for SL, not just to restore their dominance against India at home but also take the revenge of losing the CWC 2011 to India.

Mahela and his warriors will need to construct a well laid plan to defuse the defenses of a refreshed Indian unit, 1st of all knowing what strengths and weaknesses both the teams may have, and also identifying what went wrong when it came to playing India in the recent past.

There will be 10 important aspects Sri Lanka should focus on when it comes to India, which are as follows:

1. The powerful batting line up of India
India boast the best of the batsman in world cricket and their batsman itself are capable of winning matches for their team single handedly unless the opposition get them out early before they get in their grooves. SL’s bowlers need to focus on attacking the Indian batsman rather than being defensive because once put under pressure Indian batting will look wobbly.

2. Fielding needs to be far better than India
It is no surprise that throughout the years SL has been rated as the best fielding unit in Asia, however against India fielding should be a major priority, letting down any catches or even misfielding vs India will be the last thing SL team would want, they will have to do better.

3. Bowling needs to be attacking and wicket-taking

4. India’s bowling is their biggest weakness

5. Sri Lanka’s batting line up needs to score big runs (top three needs to get to a big score)

6. Middle order woes should discontinue, with more responsible batting in the middle order along with the lower order helping to finsh off the innings.

7. When picking the bowling line up its important to include wicket taking bowlers and also a few economical bowlers too.

8. Assessing the pitch conditions (different pitches, different venues etc)

9. Correct calling at the toss depending on the pitch on the match day

10. Getting MS Dhoni ,Sehwag and Kohli dismissed ealy gives SL advantage.

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