10 things only true Mahela Jayawardena fans would understand

1) Watching Mahela play a sublime reverse sweep and……..send the ball right down the fielder's throat (was that really necessary Maiya?)

2) Feeling so nervous when something is pitched outside off stump to him in the first few overs, that you have to cover your eyes and/or hide under the blanket 
3) The comfort of knowing a match at SSC equals a Mahela hundred (or used to at least)

4) Everyday people point at his mediocre away record. Everyday you practice new comebacks in front of the mirror (the pitch has no business being that fast!)
5) Wishing  the ICC awarded a trophy for most graceful player ( I mean come on! It's legit!)

6) Watching in jealously and reluctant admiration when Sanga scores yet another hundred (repeat after me: it's all for the country)

7) Your saying to live by- cometh the hour, cometh the man. (Need a big match player anyone? )

8) SLC, Sanath and a few journalists aren't really at the top of your Christmas list.

9) Watching him caress a ball through the outfield and feeling a little more blessed than usual.

10) Feeling  a dark cloud settle over you when you realize that in a few weeks he'll be gone =(

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