Sri Lanka Cricket Quotes

"The South Africans struggled in the conditions here and showed they were unhappy at adopting. They were weak against our spinners. We could have easily exploited home conditions and gained advantage and could have won the series. This would have helped in our rankings leading to the 2017 Test Championship as South Africans are the No. 1 ranking Test side."
Kumar Sangakkara [Source]
Submitted by Sujan

"We like to play more Test cricket. There’s only five Test matches for us this year, I think. We would like to play more Tests and we would like to improve on our rankings as well. We would have definitely liked to play more Test cricket. We are definitely disappointed that we don’t have a Test series against a top quality team. South Africans are a high class team in whatever the format of the game, no matter where they play. We are disappointed, but that’s the reality that we have got to face."
Angelo Mathews [Source]
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"I have not seen Don Bradman bat, but I have seen Sanath Jayasuriya. I have not seen a better batsman in my cricketing career…"
Sachin Tendulkar [Source]
Submitted by Arun Fereira

"At the end of the innings, I just tried to calm it down. They're both (Wade & Jayawardena) passionate people. I think both guys, teammates on either side would say they love playing with that sort of passion. So I have no idea what it was about. But I thought once the innings was over, it was probably time to put it to bed."
George Bailey [Source]
Submitted by Arun Fereira

"I think the difference was an outstanding hundred from an outstanding cricketer(sangakkara), that was the difference. Sometimes you can come up short against a guy who plays as well as that, and you don't feel quite so bad. We tried a few different things, and the 120, 130, whatever he got bowled out, we didn't get a chance, so nothing we can sit here and say we had our opportunity. That was a very fine hundred. "
Alastair Cook [Source]
Submitted by Arun Fereira

"Talking with Sammy (Thilan Samaraweera) has helped me a lot and he has been brilliant — I have spoken to him so much every single day. It has been priceless what I have been able to learn from him in such a short space of time. He knows all about the technical side of the game, but personally I’ve asked him more about the mental aspects of cricket and your mindset — how to approach and build an innings."
Matt Pardoe [Source]
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"Malinga is a phenomenon. He's the best death bowler in the world without a doubt at the moment. We're very fortunate to have played Sri Lanka a lot over the last 15 months. We've had two one-day series against them. All our players have faced quite a bit of Malinga and we'll have our plans, come the game."
Mickey Arthur [Source]
Submitted by Jagath Perera

"Taking 100 IPL wickets is great considering I did not start this season well. However I have improved as the season has progressed and now look to perform at my best in the playoffs for Mumbai."
Lasith Malinga [Source]
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"Sri Lanka cricket built three stadiums at a cost of 80 million US dollars. Today there is a situation where Sri Lanka Cricket cannot maintain these stadiums. One stadium has been handed over to the army and another to the navy. This decision was taken because Sri Lanka Cricket did not have enough money to maintain them. Sri Lanka Cricket has become bankrupt today because of unnecessary expenses."
Arjuna Ranatunga [Source]
Submitted by Dias

"It’s a shame. The Sri Lankan players have nothing to do with what happened or not. The Sri Lankan players, like the others, just love playing the game. CSK itself will be without Nuwan Kulasekara, who I believe, is an extremely useful bowler in these conditions."
Michael Hussey [Source]
Submitted by Merlin

"My season for Warwickshire was one of the best years of my life as a cricketer and a person. I will treasure my time as a Bear, not just for the moments on the field, but more for our time together in the dressing room talking over a beer or coffee, exchanging thoughts and ideas and becoming friends. I believe I improved enormously, both technically and in character, as a result of the influence of the Warwickshire team and dressing room."
Kumar Sangakkara [Source]
Submitted by Neil Weerasekara

"The media has often stretched its hand, for the greater good of cricket and cricketers. Journalists' views were always a priority to me. Whether praise or criticism, it had equal weight on me, to subject myself for correction, but the wide compliments they gave me at times of achievements, were absolutely soothing. I was not the outgoing type and only had thin links to the media, but the honourable gentlemen of this esteemed profession have penned with nobility, to seat the deserving in the slots they deserve. I am one such beneficiary. With my cap out and the bat raised high, I acknowledge their service, with my fullest tributes."
Thilan Samaraweera [Source]
Submitted by Ryan