Sri Lanka Cricket Quotes

"I think Chandimal is going to be a very, very good prospect for Sri Lanka. I think he is a very solid batsman, also an exciting batsman, who's very attacking and very dominating. He's shown the character and ability to withstand tough conditions. Mentally, he will mature in the next year or so and we'll see the best of him."
Kumar Sangakkara [Source]
Submitted by Gavin

"It's not a lie that Arjuna and I didn't see eye to eye at that time. It was tough at first. I'd given up something I was good at. But I realised my heart wasn't in it. There was too much politics."
Asanka Gurusinha [Source]
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"My message to the Aussies if we don't respect them and we don't play good cricket, well, the Sri Lankans are there and they can hurt you. I remember Sri Lanka came here in 2010 and beat Australia 2-1 in a one-day series. They do have that ability. They go into every game thinking they can win."
Stuart Law [Source]
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"It's not about flexion. If you read the biomechanics reports, flexion is hard to tell, you can't see it accurately because everyone bowler flexes. Glenn McGrath used to flex more than 10 degrees, so people have got the wrong idea. There needs to be education about the doosra. People think because of more flexion you can bowl the doosra ... no you can't, it's an art. You have to train, you have to learn how to send the ball the other way around."
Muttiah Muralitharan [Source]
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"Wickets like this make fast bowlers really enthusiastic to play, and it elevates guys who don't have that much pace. If it stays the same, I think our fast bowlers will have a really good chance against the Aussie batsmen."
Kumar Sangakkara [Source]
Submitted by Kasun Kumarasinghe

"Chandimal is taking English lessons, and he put his learning to use while appearing at a recent charity tournament, when he called out to his friend, a tournament organiser, yelling, 'Hey you, f*****', over a throng of fawning fans."
Andrew Fernando [Source]
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"I ran into bowl to Arjuna Ranatunga, he and Ian Healy had held me up for about 2 minutes whilst having a conversation between each other. I came into bowl and lacked rhythm bowling a full toss at stomach height to Ranatunga and was quickly dispatched for 6 from my very first ball."
Gavin Robertson [Source]
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"I have been working hard for the last couple of months. I tried my best to get the hat-trick but I am happy with the three."
Jeevan Mendis [Source]
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"I am not comfortable with these changes. It's not the way to go forward. I have this funny feeling that spinners will not have a role to play in the future."
Mahela Jayawardene [Source]
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"After 2008, I had given up any thoughts of playing Test cricket. The reason was that the knee injury I have is something only four or five other people in the world have - mostly Aussie Rules football players, no cricketers. My doctor told me it would never get better, and that I might have to give up cricket altogether. There was a small chance it would get better, but I would have to spend a long time away from the game. Luckily I got to the stage where I can bowl a few overs a day, but that's why I had to give up Test cricket. "
Lasith Malinga [Source]
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"You have no idea what it means to me to have received the support that I have from so many Sri Lankans in so many different ways since the announcement of my illness. It's a very special feeling in the heart of someone to know that there is a nation of cricket lovers like the Sri Lankans who care about an individual like myself. I'm so grateful for that and for all your prayers."
Tony Greig [Source]
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"We are still two games away from the title, but we're extremely proud to be a part of a group that has been consistent throughout these tournaments. When you look back, even though we haven't won, for us to be in those situations and have pushed hard is great. Yes, we haven't won any of those [tournaments] and it's a bit of a disappointment, but we have to be in those situations and if we keep getting there we will win."
Mahela Jayawardena [Source]
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