Sri Lanka Cricket Quotes

"Next morning a policeman walked into my room. He held his bobby's helmet under one arm and he asked, 'Do you want to press charges against a Mr Jeff Thomson?'"
Duleep Mendis [Source]
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"There are corruption allegations on the cricket administration. So we need to clean the system before the elections can be held. The SLC owes 500 million rupees to the State Engineering Corporation, so the parliament has the responsibility to go into all these transactions."
Ranil Wickremesinghe [Source]
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"We've made three World T20 finals and won one - that's not by power-hitting. We've beaten the power-hitting sides quite easily and convincingly in all of those tournaments."
Kumar Sangakkara [Source]
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"I am excited about it. No-one really knows him [Kumar Sangakkara] as a person and everyone is looking forward to that. Getting to know players like Amla, Ponting and Smith has been special and this is great, because he [Sangakkara] is here for two years, it's no flash in the pan."
Jason Roy [Source]
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"One of the things [the ICC] might look at is allowing an extra fielder out of the ring in the last 10 overs, remember we were worried about that middle period of the game that became boring, where someone would score a run a ball 50 but no one remembering one shot. We'll try and keep that and make sure we don't get back to that but maybe in the last 10 overs when people are not going to stop slogging or trying to hit boundaries just because one extra fielder is out. That might be a sensible change."
Dave Richardson [Source]
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"With my present form and fitness I guess I can easily play for another two-three years, even till the next World Cup in 2019."
Tillakaratne Dilshan [Source]
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"We had a pretty even coverage of grass and the pitch was nice and flat. But the Sri Lankan team manager came up and said there was too much grass on the pitch. So I went over and mowed it. I didn’t take much off. It was next to nothing, really. But they saw us mowing so they were happy. In the end I reckon it worked against them. The West Indies batted first and made a pretty good score. Sri Lanka started well, but the pitch got slower and slower as the day went on and once it got slower, they were kaput. If I hadn’t mowed it, it might have made the difference."
Neil Weinert [Source]
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"The game has evolved over the years, and I don't think we have as a country. In other countries they have, and they adjust much quicker than our boys."
Mahela Jayawardene [Source]
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