Sri Lanka Cricket Quotes

"We're very disappointed because Murali is a player the board spent a lot of effort saving. We saved him three times. From a professional standpoint, there is no problem with him working with the Australian team. But the issue here is an ethical one. We've named the trophy the Murali-Warne Trophy. And I remember once when we went to Kandy with Murali, he was on a truck and there was so much support for him that it took four hours for him to get home. Kandy is his hometown, and he's now had to coach an opposition team at Pallekele. Regardless of professionalism, we're very hurt by this."
Thilanga Sumathipala [Source]
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"Charith has accused [me] and told the media that I have cut the grass on the pitch to help Australia's spin bowlers to take the wickets in the three-day game. That's a lie."
Muttiah Muralitharan [Source]
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"For me, man-management is No. 1, because the team will trust you more than a coach or anyone else. You need to understand the characters in that team and allow them to showcase what they have got. You don't treat each individual differently because there should be a set of rules to guide all these people. But they should have that little bit of freedom to express themselves and to understand who they are. The only way you know all that is if you interact with them and if you be their friend and not as a captain at the top, giving orders. I have a different way of doing that. That's why I said I'm a bit different to Arjuna. He was more authoritarian, one who wanted things done in a certain way, and we needed that at that time. But I realised I could get the best out of the guys a different way, where I'd be their friend and allow them to make decisions and back those decisions. "
Mahela Jayawardena [Source]
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"I always like to use the example of Lasith Malinga. He is a great example of someone, when you were facing him, you knew exactly which ball he was going to bowl at the back end of an innings. Millions of people watching on TV know which ball he was going to bowl. If he executed it brilliantly, like he did most times, there's nothing you can do. Can you execute that particular ball that you're asked to do? Sometimes people ask, "Oh what is that tactic?" Sometimes the tactic and the strategy is not wrong; it's the execution that's wrong and a lot of times people get confused with that. "
Rahul Dravid [Source]
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"There will be good times as well as bad. This is a tough time for me as a captain and for the whole unit but you can't run away from it. I'm pretty sure if we keep improving day-by-day we can come out of this hole."
Angelo Mathews [Source]
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"We were in Wellington in New Zealand and Sri Lanka was practising there. Kumar Sangakkara, despite getting two consecutive centuries in the World Cup, was practising near our nets. We were amazed by his hard work as he batted for nearly an hour. He was an in-form batsman but he still continued to work hard. The result was he went on to hit four consecutive centuries in the World Cup."
Khurram Khan [Source]
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"I don’t think that century was very satisfying. I don’t think that kind of preparation will do any good ahead of a tough Test series. The oppositions we played were basically second string teams. In our second warm-up game, there were just two fast bowlers and the rest were spinners. I wasn’t too pleased after getting the hundred."
Dimuth Karunaratne [Source]
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"Maybe it's a little alarming that perhaps we don't have the depth that we were hoping that we would have at this stage, in the fast bowling department. That's a project for the future, because there are those injuries around fast bowlers. I did see some exciting Under-19 bowling before we came out here to England. I'm sure there are talented boys and if they're looked after properly, we should have a decent unit of fast bowlers."
Graham Ford [Source]
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