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HumbleBee - this is not correct. I have checked with a selector since this article was published and was told "Can only make changes based on injury or special circumstances".

Take the Sunil Narine case as an example. Sunil opted to withdraw from the West Indies team and the WI board had to get approval from the ICC technical committee. Per Cricinfo article...

"Event Technical Committee approves replacement in West Indies’ squad for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015"

"The replacement was approved as an exceptional circumstance.

The Event Technical Committee of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is Geoff Allardice (ICC General Manager – Cricket, Chairman), Campbell Jamieson (ICC General Manager – Commercial), John Harnden (Chief Executive, CWC 2015 LOC), Gavin Larsen (Cricket Operations Manager, New Zealand), Russel Arnold and Sanjay Manjrekar (independent nominees)."

Read more here

It confirms ICC stance.

As evident, Ashley was wrong and no replacements are allowed anymore unless injury or exceptional circumstances.

Posted in: If WC Squad Could be Changed Until February 6 - Final Chance for SL to Salvage WC Hopes.! by ReverseSweep on Friday, January 30, 2015 - 13:06. Reply to this comment.

I actually did see the incident, and as it happened I was quite shocked as it was very-un-Kula-like.

Also I watched the India v Australia series too, each match from ~5am till the close of play, and yes there were incidents, all of which were reported, and players fined. Did you follow the series?

This has nothing to do with me feeling good about myself. Hopefully it will educate you one minded, eternally biased "fans" that not everything always goes against us, least of all just because of the colour of our skin. There are times, believe it or not, where we do things which are wrong, and we get the appropriate treatment within the law of the game. Have there been issues which have been cheated out of the law? Of course, Harbhajan v Symonds for example. But this isn't one of them.

If you, and those other fans like you, actually read up on things before blaring out nonsense then this wouldn't be an issue. Crying racism for everything is damaging. Ever read the fable about the boy who cried wolf?

Facts require evidence, and I just provided evidence countering your supposed "fact". I'm pretty sure you didn't open any of the links I posted, I recommend that you do.

And pseudonym? Hahah there, I created an account here just for you to check out. Since you already knew who I was, it shouldn't be anything new.

Posted in: Kulasekera found guilty of breaching ICC Code of Conduct by chinsen on Friday, January 30, 2015 - 09:41. Reply to this comment.

sad... when the facts are presented.. they respond with personal insults... :D)))))))

holla back when u wanna talk abt cricket.....

PS: according to Byron's logic: I should be a relative of Sanath,Mahela and Malinga too, since i;ve had favorable opinions about them way before Byron even show up on islandcricket :D))))))

apparently when u present solid stats supporting someone,u become a relative of them :D))))))) #logicFail

@Raji, ai ban umba Silva gen witharak nawathune? Mathews, Dimuth dennath wena coach la hinda gahuwa kiwwa nan harine?? :D))))))))

Posted in: Rumesh Ratnayake to aid SL World Cup preparations by UppercuT on Friday, January 30, 2015 - 09:24. Reply to this comment.

Chin. ...if you saw the incident you will understand why everyone is upset. Maybe you haven't watched the Australia vs India series either. I know who you are.. by using pseudonym to criticise others comments might make you feel good.. I am sure you must be banging your chest feeling so excited that you have got one over us. It doesn't. matter how many links you provide... it's a well known fact there is bias exist in cricket. Maybe it's time you did a reality check my friend.. I know who is the person behind these comments. It's time you looked yourself in the mirror. Maybe you are so naive and was living inside a cave all these while.

Posted in: Kulasekera found guilty of breaching ICC Code of Conduct by Byron Raj on Friday, January 30, 2015 - 09:05. Reply to this comment.

what you are saying is right humblebee. but the problem is these selectors would never allow upul to continue his international career, most probably due to jealousies. at 29 this chap had done more than anyone in the panel or for that matter, even better than anyone in our cricket history. imagine, he already has 5k runs and 13 tons, if he continues until 37 he will certainly exceed all greats including Sanga, with a big margin when he comes to that age.

every experienced player has their best record, in the few years towards the end of their careers. sanga, dilly, mahela have scored most of their tons during the last few years. for example, our best batter Sanga managed his first ton in NZ only in his 397th ODI.played this week & his first ton in Eng came in mid 2013..

also, 15 of Sanga's 21 tons were scored during the last 8 years of his career. that means, he had scored just 6 tons at tharanga's age 29 years it is a sin to cut short the career of such a good player who could do wonders in future. but Sanath had already paused a valuable 2 yrs of this poor chap's career.. this must be certainly for jealousies.. and what a damage Santh is doing to the future of SL cricket!

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Uppercut, I can't and no one can answer to your idiotic analysis trying to link all feel good stories about Srilankan Cricket to Marvan. I wish someone who is reading your comments ..hopefully a journalist ask the senior players whether they improved because of Marvan's coaching abilities!!! It's so funny that you keep throwing the same old argument that it's typical Srilankan mindset?? So you are not a Srilankan? Who are you? Are you an Indian masquerding as Srilankan. If you are not.. what are you doing here commenting about my team? I think it's ploy to divert the argument when you have no answers to my questions.. please answer this simple question did Marvan become the coach? Due to his exceptional Coaching abilities? Really?
BTW...who is waasa? Your family friend?

Posted in: Rumesh Ratnayake to aid SL World Cup preparations by Byron Raj on Friday, January 30, 2015 - 08:41. Reply to this comment.

Can you guys PLEASE stop this "racist" nonsense? You're making all of us Sri Lankan fans look like ignorant fools. Here are just a few other examples of players (with WHITE SKIN! :O :O ) being fined for breaching the ICC code of conduct or something along those lines

Note that these took 5 minutes to find. Stop embarrassing us with this rubbish

Posted in: Kulasekera found guilty of breaching ICC Code of Conduct by Chin (not verified) on Friday, January 30, 2015 - 07:37. Reply to this comment.

@delan82, think the timing has something to do with the on going investigations after the Government-toppling... hoping to see much more dirt in the near future, especially of Nishantha uncle... :D

Posted in: Dilshan complaint led to Marsh sacking by UppercuT on Friday, January 30, 2015 - 07:36. Reply to this comment.

Yes is interesting, thanks for sharing. That line about him watching his son has been repeated a number of times since the sacking. So perhaps true.
I just wonder why the potential conflict of issue wasn't raised as a question either directly to him at the interview or amongst those that were making the final decision on the Head coach.

The timing of such news prior to WC is not surprising and again disappointing!

Posted in: Dilshan complaint led to Marsh sacking by delan82 on Friday, January 30, 2015 - 07:20. Reply to this comment.