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Mr delon stop posting unnecessary comments UT achived lot in his cricket career and in current SL team he has big role to play.... again and again you are try to prove that you are the best a cricket lover I followed domestic cricket cercuit and list A matches in past 2 years and UT always among the runs.... as a people of Sri Lanka we can't. Accepted sana's tak took method that ommitted solid operner...

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Not a problem unless it is Sanath, the southerner in the picture with a woman.

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You really are a cretin.
Did I say say drop everyone that has a lean patch.
Don't try put words into other people's mouth!

All players go through to purple patches and lean patches its to be expected. But it's also obvious both of these periods will alter a stat like how frequent the score 50+.
If the originally article wasn't so obviously biased as pro-Tharanga it would have not been such a big deal. One line about him not playing under current rules amongst the text would have been suffice, instead of the highlighted side notes, and the attempt to put down all other batsmen with selective stats. This is not the first such article to do so.
Someone had to give the other side, but you can't handle it when it comes.

Mahela batted down the innings, but in relation to his ODI record go through the archives and see what myself and others said of his form in this format and contributions at times!
The one advantage Mahela had over UT in terms of what he could offer was his leadership skills too, either directly as captain or indirectly assisting others.
Another factor (additional contributions to team) I have briefly touched on in previous posts in this thread. UT has always been selected as a frontline batsmen only!

You say that all those comments were futile, what those were done was to show that Upul Tharanga ain't Sri Lanka's saviour and God that will suddenly make a difference to the teams fortune like you and some others (whether you are same or not) are trying to make out!

What is demonstrated from his career pattern is the downward spiral he was on. Obviously some people are still delusional as to why he was dropped in the first instance!

The biggest load of crap is you and your friends (or aliases, whatever) trying to suggest UT would have succeeded and done well playing under new rule changes. Unless something is fixed there is no guarantees of a person's individual success in sports!

Even if you take his entire 170 odd game career the result and outcome is the's a rather mediocre overall record for an opening batsmen, who is to not sent out there to throw their bat at everything!

I have said repeatedly he was unlucky in terms of opportunities (or lack of sufficient ones) when he was recalled. But you and your buddies still seem lost and in denial about why he was dropped the in the first instance.

Tharanga is good, but he isn't the Messiah! It's time certain people, wiped the drool, removed you hand from your groin and got a reality check when it comes to Upul Tharanga!

BTW Kumar Sangakkara would be a good role model for Ut to follow. Hard work has seen him get the rewards. One such example was last year in regards to our Test series in UK. He had a poor record in the UK before this, but sought a county stint, did the hard work to get adjusted and acclimatise, and corrected this aberration in his career. That's the kind of professionalism and attitude you want from elite athletes.
Continually trying to improve, correct flaws in their records or techniques and get better!
When I see Tharanga doing that i'll give him credit!

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Magnificent Sanga . Our Hero

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What a player

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People can have different views, but if a point has been firmly proved wise would never deviate from the main topic & try to cover up with all sorts of gobbledygook. That is like trying to cover up backs with bare hands.

For example, Trying to find brief lean patches in a career maintained over 170+ odis having put up 2nd fastest 5,000+ runs in SL maintaining an av 34 with 13 tons (recorded with a least number of innings on record), plus 28 fifty plus scores is like trying to find a LEPERD without any SPOTS :))

As obvious to any head with some substance inside, if the selectors had decided to eliminate productive players with such overall records on that basis, players like Mahela Jayawardane would have been axed many moons ago (MJ's record: 2008 - av 28 - 2009 - av 25 - 2012 - av 31 - 2013 - av 32 - 2014- av 32).

Also if you dissect a overall career record of any productive player to "Selective Segments" of lean patches as @ delan 82 had desperately done in his postings intending to demean Upul's overall achievements (that he can't accept or bare), Even our Best batter Sangakkara could not be spared. Because you will never be able to find any Spotless Leperd in this world.

As an example Look at one of such brief lean patches Selectively found even in Sanga's recent batting record (in 2014) - His Overall record Dissected as in
@ delan 82's futile demeaning effort :D))

Sangakkara (from 9 Jul 2014 to 28 Nov 2014):

9 innings - 157 runs - 17.44 Av

So according to delan 82's latest productivity measuring method, should we drop our best batter Sanga toooo...? D))))

According to some UT's every achievement during his 8 years playing in 170+ ODIs long career spread over every opposition in every corner of the world is due to a GRATIS or a FLUKE or WEAK OPPONENTS selectively RESERVED just for him to MAKE all those RECORDS/Aceivements (including World records & numerous SL records)..! How Lucky he was :))

The Next thing they would do is calling me a duplicate of the author of this blog writer or some others who write to surface reality mostly covered with fake gibberish... simply that's how they try to suppress it...

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How can you guarantee someone would have scored and improved, you can't!
Those same edged that Thiri had luck off could have happened to UT too.

You are slightly incorrect with your stats for UT as opener. Not sure if it by accident or deliberate, but I'll give you benefit of the doubt. You have included only figures where he has batted in the number 1 position ie faced the first ball.
But number 2 position is also an opener, and if you add those handful of innings the average drops a little further. But yes overall rounding will take it to 34 either way.

You are correct that no batsmen who constantly edges the ball behind can survive in international cricket...that's why UT was dropped in the first instance.
After starting in 2005, and having an excellent 2006 his average at one stage peaked at over 40. Then came the shocking 2007-2008 period which saw his average plummet and decline all the way to 29 by mid 2009.
He had a solid 2010 and 2011 with the latter his best year since 2006. By Aug 2011 he had pushed it back to 36. Then there was another decline and downward spiral.
When he was dropped what's to say he would have suddenly turned it around around as opposed to continue in free-fall.
Part of the new rule changes including reverting back to old method of 2 new balls. Whilst this helps many good batsmen as the harder newer ball is easier to hit than a softer older one, for people like UT that have problems with edging the new ball it brings increased risks and danger for getting dismissed even earlier.

If that 174 not out was not scored in the Caribbean, against and attack that was mediocre outside the subcontinent in the latter few years this would have been even far worse. It's only in this WC that the Indian pace bowlers stood up, 6 months ago and earlier they were shocking, as their tours to Australia, England and elsewhere out of Asia will reflect.

You take about UT being one of SL's most consistent but you haven't mentioned that 50 of his innings have been below 10, and 87 below 20. That's more than half his innings below 20

If a guy like Gautum Gambhir who has 26 innings less than UT, and 100 runs less overall, but a much superior average and SR than UT can't make it these days how can how can you claim UT will automatically succeed.
GG last internationals in 2013, so no rule change benefits for him to average just under 40.

If are in North America why lie and say you are from Afghanistan and using the name of a kid from Australia?

If you saw him only in 2007 WC, that was the tournament were he was at his most consistent! Putting extra pressure on the rest of SL's batsmen! LOL

UT is in the same boat as players like Thisara Perera, and to a lesser extent Chamara Silva, Kapugedera, Mubarak. They all have talent and ability, but seem to expect success to just fall and come to them without wanting to put in the hard work to succeed and continually improve at the highest level. These players need a good kick in the backside from some decent coaches and selectors, and asked if the actually want to achieve greatness both as a team and individual and contribute to their country or happy to sit back and accept mediocrity!

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