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Yep remember the day at the MCG against Mcgrath and Mcdermet when everything as we knew it in one day cricket changed forever. I remember I was working and one my colleagues came and said "unbelievable scenes - come and catch the radio commentary". I went to the next game at the WACA and watched Kalu rip in to Ambrose and Walsh - Kalu actually hooked Ambrose for six on that old WACA wicket. He followed up with another assualt against Aus at the G and the rest as they say is history.

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SL are at the same juncture as the 2nd test with 3 down going in to the 5th having been batted out by India on the 4th. When it really counted, SL bowlers couldnt gain the advantage or keep the game open. Missed chances hurt as did crazy selections. Who goes in on a green top with 2 seamers? And you want to bowl first - WTF! Prasad and Pradeep have been great but nothing else to support and India took the advantage AND ONCE AGAIN - the India lower order made such a difference. Said yesterday, we need to attack this morning with a 3rd slip and Sharma's nick in the first hour went through 3rd slip - with that attitude were waiting for India to make a mess of things and good teams will more often than not, take advantage.

Come out bat on what looked like a wicket that was settling down and the need of the day was to survive the new ball and we were 2/2! 4th innings and SL are not a good thing (see Pakistan and SA at Galle or Sara last test) so I presume we will crumble and lose badly tomorrow. However, rain is on the cards so surviving a session or two could all that's required to save the test and for crying out aloud we need to save one of these test matches by batting properly on the 4th innings.

Anyone still in Tharanga's corner I hope you were watching what the rest of us have been saying. Its not his record or the hundreds he scored in the PAST that is the issue - he cannot handle a moving ball at the top of the order. In two innings he has edged 4 balls in the first over to slip and been out for a duck in both. Yes its only one test but one test too many given what we already know!

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Ishant the 'mighty mouse' or is the 'frightening sheep'!! Against all other opponents this guy is like a mouse but has grown a few horns and a mane against SL when the wickets have some pace and bounce.

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Nuwan and Prasad both did their job but 3rd seamer is missing. Team management to blame for that. Nothing to talk about much but Chandimals' wicket was crucial today and didn't expect much from the openers and rightly exactly what happen at the end. Not too optimistic but one freaky innings from someone can easily change the game again. No point in playing for draw, therefore SL need to chase the score before the 80th over. Highly unlikely but still possible. Time has come to make changes to whole structure starting from the coach. Good luck for the final day.

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Thirmanne, Jehan are not good Test players. Angelo should act fairly , he doesn't want to drop his buddies like Thrimmane .. Jehan should not be in the team with Avg 17. Even Kapugedara has a Average of 34 in Test Cricket.

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Thanx UC

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Those words... “Money can only buy you great infrastructure. But a strong domestic competition can build you a Test team for the future.”

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sigh ..nothing can decide from this series. all of the three matches has been destroyed by the umpires , keep on going this selfish cheat of opposing DRS India and kill this game , soon we might need to say " let's football " lol

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How pathetic was that batting performance from SL? Didn't they see Pujara leave and leave and leave to come and poke and poke and poke outside the off stump? Yes India bowled really well but I would like to think its wasnt a 40/6 performance. For those of who still dont get what the issue with Tharanga is, I hope you were wating today. This is nothing new and has always been the case and we have always said this! Silva has played two woeful shots two innings in a row due to his negative mindset of defending. Anji poking outside the off with no footwork all series (but atleast he made some runs), Thiri - not sure what to say.

Chandi looked on a different planet so keep the gloved off him and bat him up the order - as I said bat him at #3. Kusal, well been saying this for over an year and we messed around with guys like Mubarak, Tharanga and Kithruwan. The key thing with Kusal is he can impact the game quickly. Yes he can fail but that's the bargain you take with a player like him. We were looking at following on and probably already lost the test till he flashed a quick 50 as opposed to fiddling around for 30 and following on. These sort of guys come around once in a blue moon and he has been sitting on the bench all summer and we are searching for batters!!

Thanks to some great bowling (the guys who got the runs too) there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Amazing really to think we were looking at following on and now still have a glimmer of hope. I reckon anything near 200 is too much. If we keep batting like this the target is already too much! So the call is to presure India with attacking tomorrow morning to keep that target under 200. There will be no point in restriciting the lead as one stand of 50+ and the lead will be over 200. So attack and attack now! Another wicket here and we are in to the unknown as far as the Indian batting. I was already seeing only 2 slips and dont get why. Get the 3rd slip in and attack and fingers crossed.

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Upul gave an excellent start and the rest followed it. Thanks to some brave efforts from Kusal, Herath, Prasad and Chandi we managed to reduce the gap to 111 runs or else we would have been bundled out for odd 60 runs. Chandi should bat at number 3, I do not think Tharanga should be in if the pitch has at least a bit of support for seamers. Thri needs to go back to first class cricket and rectify his mistakes as he is failing continuously however for Dimuth and kaushal I think if they try to play more positively in the next innings they could do better. Should not let the Indian pacers to get on top of us, I do not think they are that good, but the tactics of Kohli have been excellent where as Mathews' was poorer. Now that we would probably have to chase down a 250+ total without Sangakkara (and without a single batsman whom we can trust to hang on and play a long innings) we have to attack and try and win the match. There is no other option, survival is not going to work for us. The only way out is to unsettle the Indian bowling.

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