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Yep fair enough provided the we understand what interim means! Previous regimes used 'interim' but in reality it meant years.

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Everybody give reasons for failure. Sanath Jayasooriya gave the fitness as an issue. Pramodaya and writer give other reasons. They can criticize after everything were failed. The down turn in a team can happen to any team. For example consider West Indies team. They don't keep blaming like our officers for their failure compared to the old mighty West Indies team. Australia any how kept their status without any donwn turn because they pay more attention to their players mental attitude. They hire people to improve there mental attitudes. See how they played in the final. If there mentality was broken down, even a super players couldn't have performed well.

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Russel Arnold... where do I start with this guy?..

OK lets do the easy bit first: he is a BLOODY AWFUL commentator;


His prepubescent voice for starters. His voice is not broken yet! and its SO annoying to listen to him, its like listening to a radio with 2 little 'tinny' speakers - with no base whatsoever. Only worse voice in cricket is Laskman Shivaramakrishnan..- dreadful..

and to go with it, his dry sense of humour is awful...he is a RUBBISH commentator, the only reason he is there is Sri Lanka have a HUGE dearth of commentators...

Arnold was a revelation in one day cricket when he started, the guy was timing the ball like anything, and was a great finisher.


...he became bloody awful...he 'lost' his timing and since he is a skinny guy with no muscle, he became a misarable batsman towards the latter stages of his career. couldnt get the ball of the square! he may have been asked to 'stay there at the end' but typically he would score so painfully slowly and eat up balls, piling pressure on his junior tail end batsman. I was praying to god that this guy would be dropped. Soemtimes I felt like he was plying to loose (certainly not to win) even felt like he was taking money from bookmakers to bat so slowly..

I remember on Chamara Kapugedara debut, Kapu hammered the likes of Brett Lee and others for massive sixers, Arnold was batting at the other end, and was shouting at Kapugedera in animated fashion. (I don't know what was said but - felt like Senior Arnold was telling off new kid Kapugedara).

I feel that arnold was VERY INSECURE OF HIS PLACE IN THE SIDE and probably didn't want others to do well...kind of bitter side to his personality. also he had an inflated ego and inflated average (due to so many 'not outs')

I must say, Arnold was a good Test match player, had tonnes of patience, if nothing else. I remember when Jayasooriya et al was badly struggling in England against the new ball and a fierce pace attack, it got so desperate that Sana was dropped down the order and Arnold was asked to open - guess what? Arnold got a hundred! He was unfortunate not to have given a long run as a Test match player.

Arnold .. he is a real mixed bag...CERTAINLY NOT MY CUP OF me a favor, CAN SOMEONE TAKE HIM OFF AIR PLEASE :) .. !!!

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Mr. Minister, if you have clear evidence, put it out there and name the individuals. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. What is the purpose of delaying and playing mind games? Be bold, spell it out and take decisive action. Given the circumstances, you are right to have appointed an interim committee and taken the subsequent actions. ICC or no ICC, traitors or no traitors, colluding or no colluding, you have acted properly. Now, go big.

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From SL Vaas, Jayasuriya, Murali and Aravinda are the players who deserve to be in Hall of Fame. Given Murali's action related problems it will take some time for him to be there surely Jayasuriya and Aravinda are good enough.

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Yes I read about that rumor appeared in some gossip columns, way before 2011. (Dilly's affair was rumored even before that). I certainly don't think that had anything to do with UT's isolation, commenced immediately after Sanath became the chief of selections in Feb 2013. Since that rumor, UT had opened with Dilshan in more than 40 ODIs up to 2013, including the highly productive WC-2011. So it is highly unlikely, such a request was made or that was the reason for UT's ommision.

Even if Dilly requested, that must be clearly due to SJ's appearance, who was more than happy to oblige with such an absurd request unrelated to cricket (just to make room for his personal favorite at the expense of the stability of a National Side).

After all, the National selectors' prime duty is to select the best available resources for the job based on experience & merit. Virtually eliminating a 28 yr old player who had achieved world-class credential with 5k+ ODI runs, for 2 years without any window of opportunity to play ODIs, cannot be their DUTY.

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Hi Sakthivel,

I see your point. But, I can not agree with your statement "One match in a season for one player will no way affect any team" for two reasons.

1) Every match is important to a team as the total number of wins
will determine the top 4 at end of the group stage.

2) The teams and venues for the 3 matches in the knockout stage are
To Be Confirmed(TBC). Those 3 matches are:
a) Qualifier 1 on May 19th
b) Eliminator on May 20th and
c) Qualifier 2 on May 22nd
This makes it possible that CSK may play DD(Mathews),
MI(Malinga) or KP(Thisara) in Chennai.

Don't you think that these 3 teams would like to have the 3 SL players to consider for selection during this crucial stage?

I am sure that you are a very smart person. So, if I am wrong let me know. If you agree let me know that too.

Take care1

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@ SPCG : One match in a season for one player will no way affect any team. The only reason IPL did not pick SL players is that SLC have some kind-of short term memory lose. SLC want the money from BCCI for sending the players to IPL as well as they tag SL players as traitors, which Sanga and Mahela faced a year ago. So these gentlemen kept themselves away from auction and intimated the issues they are facing to the franchises, which let the franchises not to take any risk.

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Punjab had kept him on the bench for last two matches. But suddenly match in chennai hurts Punjab. LOL

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It's nobody other than Nishantha Ranatunga who can be a traitor and a traitor who participated in lot of corruption with the former regime. Like former regime he thought he could be at the helm of SLC forever and act as a dictator. Now he has to vomit everything he did. It's better minister Arjuna Ranatunga not become the sport minister as there might have been favorable situation to his brother Nishantha Ranatunga in these circumstances if Arjuna is the sport minister.

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