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Kumar, I think you made a mistake by tweeting. you should have just let it go. The commotion you have created might make some English cricket clubs to think twice before signing SL cricketers in the future. Some young cricketers futures may have been compromised.
I am sure it did not cross your mind.

May be the royal treatment you get in Sri Lanka has diminished your ability to think outside the box. I think you have become self-centered.

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Sachitra would be the best spinner among them before changing his action. Now he turned into an orthodox spinner, unfortunately.

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No doubt, he is a legend, Also a grate gentleman beside his cricketing talent. We need more people like Kumar Sangakkra to build a strong nation and a sport where we all can be united as a team. I wish him all the very best.

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I wasn't surprised the squad put forward by the author had two new openers (Thiri and Tharanga) and noted the stats put forward in support. The test opener for SL is merry go round of names with probably the exception of Sanath and Marvan, ironically neither were openers when they came in to the team. I would imagine Wettimuny was one of the genuine openers we have had. Mahanama comes to mind but even he didnt come in to the side as an opener - don't think he opened in first class cricket at the time.

Another important factor is what are SL openers faced with in the domestic circuit? From all accounts, a couple of overs of the new ball and then spin, so hardly a surprise that when faced with Steyn and Johnson with the new ball, the odds are stacked against openers.

My call is we stick with Kusal Silva who has shown some genuine grit and temperament (ironically not an opener by trade). Dimuth by virtue of his 150 against NZ also deserves a shot. I dont beleive there are magical openers hidding around with the exception of Tharanga. The plan should be to give these two a chance to settled down and some could argue both have already had that chance. Given the issue with openers in first class cricket in SL, I think we just need to be patient and stay with these two for a while.

Noted the argument that Tharange should never have been dropped after this last test series where he had success. Fair call but unfortunatley events have overtaken those circumstances so unless doemstic numbers stack up in his favor running up to the Pakistan test sqaud my call is to stick with Kaushal and Dimuth.

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well said bora

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thisara and sherami got married like 5 years ago.

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This is one of the many activities Sri Lankan players participated in trying to win the World Cup. Family outings were high in the list of activities.

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cannot compare Tamim with Dimuth and Kaushal. The guy has been playing since 2007... He SHOULD have an average better than Dimuth and Kaushal....

If Dimuth and Kaushal doesn't touch the 40s after same number of matches as Tamim, then they should be shown the door too.

BUT, they are still starting their careers, and they have exceeded expectations even over taking Warner and Rogers.(not to mention the Indians)

FYI: ECB is STILL getting blasted for dropping Compton. and u might notice they are YET to find an opener who is as good as Compton was partnering Cook. Latest to fail is Trott. :)

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Diverse opinions are always welcomed! :-) Appreciate you initiating the discussion, Cricket StatsGuru!

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at cricketstas Guru; you can't compare players of other countries & ours. They have strong first class structure. Therefore they have enough players to replace any player at any time after giving few chances. But we don't have strong first class structure like Austrailia,England,SouthAfrica,NewZealand. Even Bangladesh have good first class structure rather than us. Most Players of those countries who play domestic cricket have the international quality even before representing their national team. They only have to do is go & perform. But need our players to give more opportunities in international level. There is a huge gap between our first class cricket & international level. Also if you compare players like Sanga,Mahela's records at their early career; our youngsters have a better record than them. Even sanga has told about this factor before. Other thing is we need to deal with what we have. These players are the best players that we have.

If you look at our new players who have best first class averages;

1.Anjelo Mathews - 54.33
2.Dinesh Chandimal - 52.22
3.Kusal Janith Perera - 49.57
4.Roshen Silva - 48.88
5.Koushal Silva - 47.53
6.Dimuth Karunarathna - 46.78
7.Kithruwan Vithange - 44.80
8.Rumesh Buddhika - 44.39
9.Udara Jayasundara - 42.91
10.Chathuranga de Silva - 42.60
11.Lahiru Thirimanne - 42.53
12.Anjelo Perera - 42.53
13.Asela Gunarathna - 42.17
14.Ashan Priyanjana - 40.62
15.Shehan Jayasuriya - 39.91
16.Upul Tharanga - 38.96
17.Madawa Warnapura - 37.64
18.Milinda Siriwardene - 36.90

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