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I think youngsters won both the games. But Malinga was the looser. One main reason behind these two defeats is Malinga's poor bowling. He has the worst bowling figures in both T20s when comparing with other young bowlers.
In both T20s young bowlers had set up it nicely towards SL. But especially Malinga's poor bowling made it completely upside down.

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I dont think this decision came only from marvan but these selectors have taken decision to give youngsters opportunity. but why they dont give our coaching stuff to a new guy?? this is the right time but they have answers always like FORMER SELECTION PREDISENT SANATH. Now they have this answer: "NOW WE ALL ARE IN A TRANSITION PERIOD NO. SO IT WILL TAKE SOMETIME". So thats how they answer infront of media and the fans. so MARVAN'S NEXT AIM IS TO LOST INDIA SERIES AS 3-0. ALL THE BEST.

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in the current context, this look like a paid write-up..

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Hamada sir mokada kiyanne me gana?

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sadly for Mr. president & his gov .SL have not won a single tournament in cricket under yahapalanaya , neither has any sports achievements other than rugby . the sports are going down under yahapalanya. i wonder they even give a damn anyways lol .. did you guys read their Manifesto related to sports? lol these people has no vision to develop SL sports .

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did kapu played this years Premier Limited Over Tournament ? or was he injured during that time ?

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Of course Kapu is not new, but rest are new faces.

Well we had statistically better batsmen with very little X-factor for years. We went to 4 finals and fell short. For me the reason was we did not have a batsman who could do something especial. Aravinda was a genuine batsman but not consistent, yet he could provide something very very special. That is the "ONLY" reason why we crossed the winning line in 1996. To get there it was a team effort.

I am not saying "kapu or any" of these batters who performed in last two T20s are in the same caliber of Aravinda. But Batting talent is a gifted thing. It won't take years to identify if you have it or not. That is why all most all the great batsmen came at very young ages. So instead of persisting with players who have tried but haven't got that batting excellence, it's better to try out young batters. If we are lucky we might find a good batsman who could become a match winner. To get the best out of athletics who have got the talent, sports psychologists are employed all around the world.

Kapugedara was identified as the next big thing in SL cricket long time ago. He did have a spark that many other players didn't have, but he was not consistent at all and he became a burden. But no one can deny the fact that he can handle the bat better than many who played after him. Along the same line i would really like to see Bhanuka Rajapaksha as well. He was also identified at very young age to be a good batsman and performed very well in U19 worldcup.

Well for "statisticians" what i can say is, if you play the statistically best batsmen there won't be any crowd to see the match. Its better to play some charismatic batsmen and bowlers, even if you loose at least as a country we'll earn respect and some money.
There is a reason why when we travel outside of sri lanka grounds are half empty.

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some of these new guys? hahahaaa..Kapu has played 95+ ODI and look at his average and S/R. Don't just be too excited about the new comers..let them play 5 ODIS and see where they was very exciting when Kapu started his carrier, but look what happened to him..if you judge players in single match then your best batsman in the world should be Anwar Ali. Shehan should be given more chances to see who he is..I also think Kapu can be the permanent 6/7 batsmen in ODI line up.

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Not only Kapugedara but also Shehan Jayasuriya. Not the worst idea to put Dananjaya as well.

Only a blind can't see that Kapu and Shehan posses more batting skills than Thiri Chandi duo. If you've got the batting skills you've got it. Thiri n Chandi played since 2010 but with very little charisma in their batting.

Kapugedara like players have the problem of inconsistency. But this time around he was irked by Sanath's comment and he stayed in the wicket and scored big.
As a country we "MUST" invest on good sports psychologist. There're very talented batsmen out there, all what they need is to develop the patience to stay in the wicket and seek for bad balls and dispatch them.

This was a very good T20 series, where public got a chance to see that what we were missing in our batting department for years. Trying with two players who are mediocre at international level has made us a country without a premier batsman in our Team.

I don't see anyone in current squad in the league of Kohli,Smith,Root,Williomson,Rohith as a pure batsman. But i hardly think either of Chandi Thiri duo would ever make into that list. So its better to invest on some of these new guys.

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