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You can be attacking and aggressive even without the greatest of players at your disposal. It's about having positive intent and when the opposition see that they know you are here to compete and trying to win.

You can be attacking in your field settings. Doesn't matter who is in your team that's something simple and basic a captain can do.
So I don't buy excuses about the composition of the team being the reason he is negative and defensive.

Look at the Test series when Steve Finn joined Mooen Ali at the crease. Was a thee a reason to push field back and concede easy runs?
Yeah Sri Lanka doesn't have the greatest attack in the world....although the chairman of selectors thinks otherwise!!! But you had a quality bowler in Herath and some okay medium pacers. All the captain needed to do with the opposition in that position is get bowlers to bowl keep it simple like target off stump or just outside, and set up some catching men in slips, gully, around bat etc and let the rest take care of itself.

If the opposition are good enough to get out of that position so be it, but when you push fields back straight away what message are you sending to your bowlers, what message are you sending to the opposition?
Your basically waving a white flag and giving up!

With reference to Kohli, Angelo has himself re-quoted a line Kohli used with his "I don't mind losing a few games to win" statement. Thing is Kohli backed his words up with action whist Angelo has not and in that interview it is clear he still cannot see issues with the way he has captained in the past. Nothing is going to change from him till he admits to himself the flaws that everyone else can see going back to that loss to Pakistan defending 300+

When the Pop gun attack has dismissed the top half of the opposition's batting order it shouldn't be hard to do the same to the lower half. But when the skipper takes away the catching men and concedes runs don't blame the bowlers!

Just out of interest who were the star players Kohli had at his disposal in Adelaide 2014. A handful of players that played in that XI had toured Australia for a test series before with only a couple having played Tests.
In paper it was almost a similar scenario to the SL team that was in England this time round with a couple of star players heavily relied upon, and a similar number players having toured UK in the past.
At home India are different because pitches are doctored but what held them back overseas In Test cricket was the negativity of their captain MS Dhoni! He's a different skipper in the shorter formats than he was in Tests. Angelo has gone down that path!

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@delan The game was getting away from us before Mathews left the field - Chandimal was left to pick up the pieces when the two batsmen were very well set.

Like you said, not fair to judge him by one half of a match. :)

Anyways, Mahela agrees that Chandimal is an aggressive captain and he also said that the tied ODI can't really be blamed on Chandimal.

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Yet another ton by Roshen Silva. When will he be preferred over the failing Thirimanne?

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None of these deserve to be playing for Sri Lanka team.

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We need a proper spinner to replace Randiv in the squad. and the spinner should be in the team instead of Maharoof. He does not add anything to the team yet.

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SLC should be renamed as "SUMATHI AYYAGE BAGAW DANA KAMARE" and the official Motto to be "NAWA GILUNATH BAND CHUN".

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Jayasooriya and his selection panel are really idiots. They have selected tharanga to play a finishing role by dropping siriwardane and then use pinch hitters to score runs quickly. Since Jayasooriya joined politics he got this brainless disease from our politicians. God bless srilanka cricket with this set of selectors.

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Tharanga is an opener so he should open but the horrible reality is we are currently playing Tharanga as insurance cover! Insurance for when the batting collapses, which it has, giving his a chance to make an impact. When it didn't, looked out of place trying big hits in the last few overs and we all criticized him.

I am not a Tharanga fan but the reality it's unfair to recall him and ask him to bat down the order which he never (ever) does. Must be said he has batted well down the order and equally should be noted we will not win games by someone making a run a ball 50 in the last 10 overs! Those days I am afraid are over.

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Of course, Siri did nothing to deserve to be dropped from ODI squad, he didn't do well in the world t20 and the Eng tests but most of the guys flopped in those. So,hope to see both Siri and a promoted Seeku against Aus.

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If this were to happen assuming its a temporary one, I would select the best playing eleven and select the captain from that. I would necessarily make it young player who we could look to in the future so this would be between Mendis and Perera and I would go with Mendis given he has some captaincy behind him.

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