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For me, they have the 2nd innings in this match to show something with the bat otherwise their positions for the next Test series against India would be in serious doubt (unless they found some form in between series at FC level).

I'm just commenting on their Test form, and that should not be the determining factor alone on whether they deserve a spot in the ODI series that follows.

Chandimal is under pressure to perform as KJP and Dickwella are waiting in the wings.
Thiramanna's modes of dismissals, at times throwing his wicket away when pressure is one is most disappointing this series.

Given this is the first Test series under the new selection panel, it's a bit hard to gauge which way they are thinking. He can't link the previous panel's thoughts and processes on selection with the current one. Time will tell if they are the same or different.

What has become evident is the plan/tactic against spin has not work, and a number of batsmen have been clueless at times against the leg-spinner. Seemed like a few decided this Test the best way was to attack and hit their way out but they have picked the wrong deliveries and it hasn't worked. Let's hope next series against India we plan and execute much better against Ashwin & co.

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Since you asked to compare Chandi and other current cricket greats..look at below the comparison...

KS Williamson first 18 matches his average is 32.(overall its 45)
Steven Smith first 18 matches his average is 36 (overall its 54)
JE Root first 18 matches his average is 36 (overall its 54)
Virath Kholi first 15 matches his average is 38 (overall its 46)
Anjelow Mathews first 19 matches his average is 38 (overall its 51)
Corey Anderson overall test average is 32
Ben stokes overall test average is 34
Dinesh Chandimal overall average after 18 test matches is 41.

The difference is except Chandimal all the other players continuously had a permanent place in the team and batted up in the order. only Chandimal has been playing at 6/7.And he is the only wicket keeper batsman here. So you still saying Chandimal is not up to the international level?

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No point arguing with some hardcore fans of Chandi n Thiri. Simple fact is some players are not for international stage, even if their school performances were excellent.
Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli both had good school cricket records, yet only one survived in international stage.

I am no expert in batting technique but on TV screen chandimal does not look that good when he bats. Most of the time he jumps out of crease to make himself yorked and looses his balance. He loose his balance when ever he tries a power shot and miscue it.
Compare it with Kithruwan, the guy can hit the ball with confidence and middle it.

We are waiting for that one single inning from Chandimal to boost his AVERAGE UP. All other countries have explosive wicket keepers, who can bat along with the tail.

Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results.

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THESE TWO CRICKETERS (Chandimal&Thirimanna) are Killing the SRILANKAN CRICKET. It is a shame to keep these two under-performers in the team when there are enough young talented cricketers knocking on the door to get into the team. Pl. DO kick these two non-performers out of the team forthwith and bring new blood into the team to strengthen the batting line up.

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Both of them should be in the side, All other Sri Lankans failed at the start of their career including Some big names like Sanath, Mahela, Sanga, Murali, Herath & the current skipper Mathews. Sri Lanka is continuously giving chances to Thirimanne and Chandimal, while rotating other two positions, just because they can't keep 4 positions on testing. These two have the potential to deliver consistent and long term performance, they both scored well under Mahela's Captaincy. From the date Marvan appointed as the batting coach and Mathews as captain, All other players failed to deliver big performance. Seems like Marvan is the culprit who is trying to change the tactics and things, Because whenever Chandimal plays for A team or other XI he tends to go on with big scores. Same with Thirimanna, Kusal & Kithuruwan. First change the coach then look at the performance. It is better that both Chandimal & Thirimanna to be not in the squad untill Marvan face a sack.

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hikz. Its proven again that tharanga can't do nothing-sl blind fan who never see positive side of tharanga. Get rid of thirimanne waste

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I have no power and control over anyone. I can share my opinions that's about it. If they agree, great if they don't so be it.
It's not so easy to convince and change the masses, and their patterns of thoughts and behaviours, even when something is blatantly wrong.
Let's watch the next general election and see what kind of thought process the overall population has.
As for the cricket, there are some people in the IC genuinely trying to make a difference this time. It's why some of their decisions may look like they are going back to basics and wasting some money, but that's the state of things when they took over that then virtually have to restart from the beginning. Things that should have been addressed and invested in a long time ago were not, and now they are going through the process to do so.

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Thanks. My take on that link is these policies or similar should already be in place especially for international matches, if they are not then the organisers are failing in duty of care. However doesn't mean sports can not be played. That's where player management/handling becomes important.

Since you used Victoria, do you see them stop the Boxing Day Test or Australian Open Tennis in extreme heat during the summer? No they use these types of guidelines and contingency plans to keep the game going but take into account player and spectator welfare. And yes I know Rod Laver, hisense and Margaret Court all have roof.
Next time you visit one of these events you might see me working in one of the First Aid rooms.
The professional players will/should adapt pre-training and recovery sessions according to conditions they face, thats why you will see some teams to condition training camps before a tour.

Btw does 40 degrees in a Victorian summer exactly mimic the entire sub-continent all year round? Whilst the general info for heat-exhaustion and extreme high temps is same, you started with sub-continent then went to Australia.
The place that is most at-risk for international cricketers worldwide at the moment is when they play in the Middle East. There have been a few Test days where temps have been close to 50 deg Celsius mark.

To me it's all about appropriate player management, and some common sense from authorities without looking for excuses. I don't believe Test cricket should be stopped in certain region. In that case early English seasons where temps are below 10, and have wind, chill factor around should also be cancelled as health risks in the other extreme.
I guess in the sub-continent no outdoor sports should be played then. People can sit indoors all day, maybe play carrom or something like that.

Maybe this (high temps) is where Day-Night Tests could help in the future, although then there are other factors like dew to consider.

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Crixexp Yes remove Anjelo Mathews from the captaincy and re-appoint Chandimal as the captaincy of Sri Lankan national team. He may not scored any runs as like when he previously appointed as captain. But he a lucky captain that will covert into gold that every thing he touches and sri lanka can win many matches under his captaincy without any support from the team members according to you :P

It's not easy to break his school records nor 1st class records who also used to be a very good captain.

He led his school 13 continues win which a school record in SL history

his captaincy brought SL the no1 T20 team in the world (without even getting any side support from seniors like Sanga Mahela)

Chandimal cpatiend 2 ODI matches while Mathews was out injured and he was able to win the both matches..


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Chandimal fans are like this

If Chandimal has given captaincy reason for failure is he has been trusted for captaincy at a young age. If he won these matches with out any contribution from him reason for SL win in these matches because of Chandimal captaincy.

After Chandimal removed from captaincy he is still performing badly.

Then they say

Reason for his failure his coming down the batting order. But actually he has given top order also but fail to impress. And they don't realize test cricket you can play a long innings wherever you bat. It will be difficult to come and score a century in sometimes at no 6 or 7 but it does not mean coming and dismissing for 20s like tailenders. You can improve your average by staying not out.

When he going to keep wickets then they say reason for his failure is his wicket keeping and he should play as a pure batsman.

I don't know why and from where these opinions are coming from ?

Look at the players from other countries. These players have same age and have given same number of opportunities as Chandimal and Thirimanne but look at where they are now. Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkaya Rahane, David Miller, Corey Anderson, Ben Stokes. Compare and understand it.

Chandimal may have lead school to win or whatever I don't care has that effect on a international career of a player to be selected in a team continuously with a repeated failures ???

After his 100 against Bangladesh in a run feast track Chandimal has scored 225 runs in 10 innings @ AVG of 22.5. Even Prasad would have scored same amount of runs

From beginning of 2013 he has average of 25.24 in ODI cricket which is getting worse to worse presently.

So you are telling players like Kusal, Kithuruwan, Priyanjan and other young players cant achieve a average of 25's in international cricket for our cricket and we must persist with Chandimal forever.

You can bring whatever school captaincy or anything but that has no effect on these stats

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