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Monday, September 29, 2014 - 06:53

I think Eng have every possible "coach" in the book but it has'nt really counted for much. Not sure about how many coaches Pakistan run around with but over a long period of time they have maintained decent standards. One could argue the reason the top teams are at the top is due to the specialist coaches, but I am not sure its that straight forward. I am not saying there is no role for these positions but just not sure if it actually makes such a big difference.

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Monday, September 29, 2014 - 06:13

Its a thought but what would be interesting to consider (before making such a statement), if there are any bowlers with a potential suspect action in the big 3 teams.

I am no expert but the guys called to date appear to have a "kink" and I can understand why they needed to get tested - and of course all have now been found to have illegal actions.

The timing is interesting and I guess when you control everything you will make sure the money counts for some advantage along the way. I find interesting that Naraine has not been called yet and to a lessor extent, Ashwin.

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Monday, September 29, 2014 - 03:27

Jury is still out about Marvan being a batting coach. Do I need to mention Chandimal? I think as the main man Marvan is best suited to articulate the plans for each team and each player we face in regards to how Srilanka should approach each game Where designated coaches get to work on it, in order to achieve it.

I disagree about having Dean Jones in the setup even he makes himself available, we should look past him. It's all about a united team of coaching staff working on getting out the likely outcome. If anyone who knew about Dean Jones as a person, agree Dean personality doesn't suit a team environment. If he was ..he would be coaching.

With most teams having designated coaches for Batting and Bowling.. including Australia.. if anyone followed Australian cricket would know there is no better Technician when it comes to Batting than Lehman because he was the best. But still Australian side has employed former Tasmanian Di Venuto as batting coach.

I agree Australian grounds will test our throwing ability. Don't think Baseball coach is going to work wonders. Any good coach with credentials with proven track record will do that job.

Psychiatrist is an interesting one. I am all for it. I think Davenell used it when he was the coach to my memory. If we have the cash, we should because I know New Zealand used on your face tactics on Dilshan to unsettle

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Monday, September 29, 2014 - 03:02
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Monday, September 29, 2014 - 01:56

good to see some sensible comments made in the comments section after some time...

for me when touring Aus, biggest problem for SL is not batting,fielding or bowling...

Australian pitches are not like any other in the world.They are very hard surfaces, which will take a huge toll on the bodies of the fast bowlers and all rounders more than anywhere in the world..

If u remember the last CB series SL took part, ALL THREE ALL ROUNDERS of SL(Mathews,Thisara,Mahroof) broke down by the time of the best of 3 Finals.. and SL ended up playing Thirimanne as a seaming allrounder

Same happened to the pace bowlers in the last bilateral series SL played in Aus...(by some miracle Malinga and Kula managed to played thru everything)

rest assured WC will take a lot out of the fast men and all rounders.If SL can keep the fitness levels up, am sure they have enough experience in the squad to deal with the 3 disciplines.

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Monday, September 29, 2014 - 01:50

Give munaweera some matches then only he get some experience. they gave him only one or two matches. I can say now he is batting really good and nice to watch how he bat. I wish he will call up for sri lanka team soon. Because we need some hard hitters on top to maintain our run-rate

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Monday, September 29, 2014 - 00:07

@Surod lol nah frankly it's a mixed feeling bro .. I'm happy that after observing SL cricket for so many years if i can judge a player right , but at the same time I will be sad if a Sri Lankan gets humiliate in front of international crowd , after all i switch on the TV to watch a match only to see Sri Lankan players success .

anyways the real test for mune is going to be tomorrow .. this will be the first time that munaweera is facing a non retired T20 international fast bowler who's currently in their national T20 playing XI... like i mentioned earlier in my comments .. if mune can score 30+ against boult and southee in these indian pitches .. then he can score runs against any fast bowler in the same conditions .. so lets see :)

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Sunday, September 28, 2014 - 23:38

I think SL womens team lost to Bangladesh when they met last time in WT20 as well , so i dunno how can Dhammika say it's humiliating ? this is ain't men's cricket

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Sunday, September 28, 2014 - 22:47

Firstly with reference to Mick Young I mentioned why Australia hired him. It's not the catching or diving around but the throwing. Have a look at throwing arms of Australians and majority of Sri Lankans and see the difference. I mentioned this with World Cup in mind as opposed to ongoing forever. It was about developing this skill. We have weak throwing arms on large grounds.

As for the sports psychologist same deal if there is a mental issue as some were alluding. You can check with some of the west Indian players to verify what I said about Sir Viv Richards using one. Michael Holding often mentions this fact that Viv used him early in his career...and usually adds he didn't end up a too bad a player did he? Again this would be a consultancy basis prior to say a WC if needed not full time.

I like the idea of an Aussie or South African fielding coach. Wonder if Jonty is available?

Secondly why do you need a separate specialist batting coach when the Head coach was a fine international batsmen himself. If you want to spot wastes of money there is one area! As you suggested we could ask a couple of the local SL legends to come and assist with sessions from time to time. But maybe no need to hire a full time one.

I remember when Tom Moody first became coach and people were asking him about hiring bowling and batting coaches, one of his early responses was he was an allrounder so can handle these two disciplines.
So with Marvan coach its bowling and fielding we need to worry about, and Vaas is doing good job with paceman so that side is sorted.

Good point about whole panel of coaches being a waste of money, main question is what are they going to do with the team at international level. The major changes/coaching needs to be done before they reach international level not once they are already there. Small little things can be fine tuned and adjusted when needed but not major changes. So having too many coaches. If they were hired to go help at domestic or grass roots level then its different and that would be great and worth the cost.

I heard Colin Croft speaking at an event in London at a Lord Taverners event in 2011. SL lost the test series and ODI series in UK and he was saying something he noticed was a problem was that there was almost similar number or coaches and support staff as players in the squad. Almost like one per player. And the team photo confirmed this. He was saying its way too much at international level and only going to confuse and complicate things, and a waste for a top level team.

As for Dean Jones, he answered this question on twitter a couple of weeks ago, when he said he would love to coach a talented team like Sri Lanka but media and other commitments makes it impossible. So we can rule his name out.
I think Allan Border is same. For years people in Australia though he would be a great coach or manager, but he refused and only did it on interim basis for a couple of tours again because of other commitments.

To make someone give up media and other work they would have to be compensated the financial losses likes BCCI has done with Ravi Shastri. I don't think SLC should go down this path and waste money unnecessarily.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014 - 22:09

I like the idea of having Aravinda as batting coach. But didn't he quit as a selector a while ago? We all know why..but will he accept if offered?
Not sure Dean Jones is a good candidate, would take over the joint and wouldn't even leave the other to put thier two bobs in. Because he will be doing the talking. Someone like Allan Border would be ideal, but he is with Foxtel. I am sure there SLC have already have sounded out to perspective consultant.

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