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Ohe palayan. E gamana kapuwa captain karannalu. Kamak na ithin Hamada sir ne kiyanne, E hinda karala balamu..

Posted in: Who should be captain of Sri Lanka at the World Twenty20 2016? by Anonymous (not verified) on Sunday, August 2, 2015 - 07:54. Reply to this comment.

why not. He is a good allrounder to sri lanka. I'm looking forward to see him in odi team against west indies.

Posted in: Should Kapugedera be a part of the ODI squad? by Hamada on Sunday, August 2, 2015 - 07:51. Reply to this comment.

kapugedera must be the T20 captain for 2016 T20 world cup. He has the much more knowledge than any others.(Mathews also not bad)

Posted in: Who should be captain of Sri Lanka at the World Twenty20 2016? by Hamada on Sunday, August 2, 2015 - 07:46. Reply to this comment.

What you see is a different thought process between various teams around the world.
Some like the old school thought process that WAGs stay away, as they see them as a distraction. Others think their presence helps as it helps players to relax and feel at home in their downtime, and someone to talk about frustrations with.
Most people do their required work in the hours specified and return to their families. Living 24/7 in the face of team-mates can also have issues.

If you read autobiographies from the likes of Ricky Ponting, Steve Waugh etc you will see they are pro WAGs being present.

England's last tour to Australia, Andy Flower tried to ban WAGs till Christmas which was 4th Test. This created unpleasant issues. By then the Ashes was already lost.

Fans of course love to point fingers at families if a player fails. India with Kohli is best example!

Hard to know which one is best. I agree with Michael deZoysa that the rules need to be specified and laid out from beginning/prior to tour.

Posted in: Indian cricket team to travel to Sri Lanka minus WAGs by delan82 on Sunday, August 2, 2015 - 07:32. Reply to this comment.

Personally I wouldn't pick either in this format but if I had to pick one LT slightly more effective in this format.

Using that stat of getting in double figures it's still not great but okay. But he's only scored above 20 in 7 out of 16 innings for a frontline batsman.
You might as well use a bowling all-rounder and get the same with bat (10 runs or so) plus something more for the team...that's if he is going to bat in middle or lower order. In the top 3 might get more out of him. Otherwise it is a wasted selection in this format.

Chandimal on the other hand is best left to the other formats. 11 of his 21 innings have been batting at number 3 before anyone complains! And 4 others at number 4, whilst his keeping brings something else to the side we know we are pretty much a side full of keepers and their are plenty of other useful options.

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Sam jay.. why so much hate? This is the same guy who won us a t20 world cup, the one who single handedly carried a toothless bowling attack for so long post Murali. Yes, he has a horrible attitude and doesn't give a damn about fitness and he should be dropped ASAP. Why don't we have a go at the spineless retard selectors for not doing their job. You can't expect an egotistic guy like Maali to drop himself. The selectors are paid to do put the best xi on field. So let's blame them for persisting with an overweight, injured, out of form guy.

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Please share where the match fixing rumours are coming from...will be interesting to hear.
Did they also fix the World Cup, NZ tour and India tour before that too...guess Kapila secretly picked those teams also! I thought it was another bald headed guy that was in-charge!!!

Really if you look closely SL were on a downward slide even last year. They weren't quite the force at home. It was inevitable that once a couple of the experienced stalwarts went it would be a further struggle. This is what you call going through rebuilding phase and all teams go through it.
Those with stronger domestic systems/structures with a bit of depth in their bench strength obviously recover a bit faster!

We had the chance to blood a few youngsters to make this process a little easier in past but didn't do so. The India ODI tour was prime example, or if they didn't concede first game of series like against Pakistan or South Africa it could have been done then also.
The Test captain is one that doesn't like changes too much!

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Is there anyone that hasn't worn keeping gloves at some stage in the team :-)

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Thanks for sharing. I recall this well.
Also agree with your comments about both man-management of player and player themselves equally at fault.
Talent was always there but you need work hard at your game at top level, especially one teams know about you.
I have read some comments by CK in interviews in past that has summed up his career and attitude well. He seemed to be happy with inconsistency and at times mediocrity. Which is a shame!

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Milinda has the technique... and capable of adjusting to any situation. Left arm orthodox bowling can be useful in spinning Galle track.

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