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@AS: Mate, you are joking, right ? Top quality pacers like Steyn, Johnson get thrashed in IPL. What chance will poor, inexperienced Chameera have.. To restrict India, you need guys with good variations such as cuters ,yorkers etc. (Mustafizur,Faulkner )

Or else a couple of good spinners who can bowl tight lines. Do we have any ? It's sad but it looks like 3-0 unless some of our batters explode trying to land an IPL contract..

Posted in: Virat Kohli rested, Pawan Negi in for India-Sri Lanka T20Is by The Miz (not verified) on Monday, February 1, 2016 - 11:22. Reply to this comment.

we also need a good batting coach and bowling coach. Otherwise everyday CHAMPAKA.... CHAMPAKA.... CHAMPAKA....

Posted in: Graham Ford to return as Sri Lanka head coach by dilsclass (not verified) on Monday, February 1, 2016 - 10:25. Reply to this comment.

Ha ha haaa... ! this is really interesting... andrew pl keep pricking the butts of those unverified frogs... really funny to see how they are jumping at you just with stinky extended tongues as usual... since they don't have anything related to the topic or cricket to attack you in this blog.

Posted in: Thilanga is on right track to salvage SL Cricket - SLC to restructure selection process.! by galbunis (not verified) on Monday, February 1, 2016 - 10:24. Reply to this comment.

Oh nice to see unavailable of Virat Kohli. If not he will score consecutive 3 hundreds the likes of Dilhara Fernando and our fielders. So now who will score 3 hundreds???? ROHIT SHARMA?? SHIKAR DHAWAN??? but i can see Whitewash because DINESH CHANDIMAL (BIG HITTER)is captaining our side.

Posted in: Virat Kohli rested, Pawan Negi in for India-Sri Lanka T20Is by dilsclass (not verified) on Monday, February 1, 2016 - 10:21. Reply to this comment.

Over confidence will make them pay.. lets hope. Looks like they have underestimated us. True from the surface it looks 3-0 whitewash. But last couple of months we played more challenging cricket than India. This time around I didn't see much difference from Australian pitches to Indian once. I guess Australian pitches flatter than the Indian ones. Also Australia didn't have the top pacers or spinners to rattle them. Lastly Australia isn't good at T20 and history reads its. Lets hope they messed up with their overconfidence. I think If Chameera and Dilhara or Binura can generate pace and bounce like they produce in New Zealand, India will crumble.

Posted in: Virat Kohli rested, Pawan Negi in for India-Sri Lanka T20Is by AmilaSaman on Monday, February 1, 2016 - 10:07. Reply to this comment.

He must have loads more to be sued for - thieves of the SLC. Damn shame!

Posted in: Former SLC secretary Nishantha Ranatunga arrested by FCID by Anonymous (not verified) on Monday, February 1, 2016 - 08:59. Reply to this comment.

We really really need this. Good strides in a positive direction for Sri Lankan cricket.

Posted in: A top level Aravinda–Ford alliance in the offing by Sakala Bujang on Monday, February 1, 2016 - 06:44. Reply to this comment.

@ Andrew Silva, why don't you answer my questions instead of diverting the comments back to unavailing upul.

What do you stand to gain by posting blogs and comments under various names in various websites?

Are you doing this for money?

Are you related to upul?

Are you the man yourself?

Why it didn't occur to you that there are many players who are better than upul but you chose to promote a player who had many chances but failed to deliver. Furthermore he never corrected his flaws or improved as a better player.

Posted in: Thilanga is on right track to salvage SL Cricket - SLC to restructure selection process.! by Polsambol (not verified) on Monday, February 1, 2016 - 04:12. Reply to this comment.

@ Stormy :

There is no real debate in this matter, since no one could dispute this reality with any factual substance to date, This absurdity was pointed out in June 2014, when Upul's replacement Kusal's constant failures extended to an incredible record level ending almost 50% of his innings under 10 runs & 10 balls including 8 Ducks:(KJP - 19 in - 69 runs @ 3 Av -55 SR). All predictions made more than a year ago have come true.

SL had a real problem at opening spot since Tharanga was axed in mid 2013.
Its a well known fact none can deny. Let me ask you a question, why did they eliminate Worlds 2nd best consistent No1 opener capable of making big Tons & 50+ and world's best in the business of making long partnerships ? for more than 2 years without any opportunities?? To put runs on the board, first a batsmen should get a window of opportunity. Did he get any opportunity at all to open in Odis since mid 2013? Can you consider the solitary Odi given in Indian tour during the past 30 months as a chance?

Remember UT was axed just 3 weeks after recording SL's 2nd FASTEST 5,000 with his career best unbeaten 174* in Kingston Vs Ind, winning his 10th MOM award in July 2013! Wasn't he a good opener when axed 30 months ago? He didn't make those 5k+ runs & all those records in a SINGLE DAY or "10 years ago" as you foolishly think. Career STATS are cumulative, ongoing dynamic records that reflects the overall career & true ability, NOT limited to any short period of time in a career.

You said "Obviously we cannot play a guy based on stats alone, especially from 10 years ago when he was a good batter" . Now Stormy, just open your eyes and look at the most recent 2 years of Tharanga's career as an Opener, up to his unjustified axing:

2011-2013 Aug** : 58 in - 1,865 - 174* HS - 35.18 Av - 75.59 SR- 5 x 100 -10 x 50

Forget about all other achievements of UT, just Tell me, Is this record can justify his 30 months axing, to slot in an inconsistent failure like Kusal Perera in his place?

As No1 Opener this guy had scored 4,902 r @ 34.27AV with 13x100 & 25x50 facing 6,623 deliveries in every corner of the world, over 8 year period up to then, dealing with the best in the trade of seam bowling in shorter format. These are long maintained hard earned records.

But for Tharanga nothing counts..! No recognition for his impressive productivity records, career stats, wide experience or not even match winning performances. That is how he became World's first ever batsmen to be dropped from a Test squad (NZ tour Dec 2014) after being the highest batting contributor (67 Av) in previous series decider Test (v Pk in Sept 2014). So no point talking about the 3 axing episodes followed despite regular progress shown with 40 Av from 5 tests & recording 47 Av @ No3.

Failure Kithuruwan (2014 SA series 10 Av, Pk series 16 Av & 2015 Pk series 14 Av), then sent to NZ with SL-A, while repeatedly blocking the progress of Tharanga (Compare performance in same series: 2014 SA series 35 Av, Pk series 42 Av & 2015 Pk series 47 Av). Tharanga failed just once V India after repeatedly hammered with 3 layoffs...within 6 randomly given tests, and the recalled Test chapter closed for him as they obviously wanted :))

You are right, As mentioned above no matter how much runs he consistently put up for SL, ONLY Upul's frequent mode of dismissal (being a left-hander) is NOTICEABLE to Partial Visionaries in SL cricket rely on nonperforming single-digit-masters like Kusal Perera, Thrimanne, Kithuruwan etc. Last year, Sanga had mentioned in a speech that Brian Lara had defined the way left-handers are getting out, when asked why he was mostly got out in his career, edging to slips. So obviously, it can't be any different to left-handed Opener Tharanga, but not in the eyes of SL humbug criticizers.

Opener UT OUTSIDE subcontinent faced 2,245 balls :
51 ODIs - 1,631 runs @ 35.5 Av. 4 x 100 - 10 x 50

Can this record achieved by an Opener with a major batting flow in seam friendly conditions? No explanation from any of those humbug critics..


Posted in: Thilanga is on right track to salvage SL Cricket - SLC to restructure selection process.! by Andrew Silva on Monday, February 1, 2016 - 02:48. Reply to this comment.

Lol @Yahapalanya. I think you are being harsh. Didn't know UT likes it both ways?

Galbanis, yamasana, MDK Julius Caesar, UK Hearth,Bumblebee & Andrew Silva. Don't you think it's about time. You have been caught, it's better you stop this boring blogs with irrelevant stats trying to convince everyone upul has been badly treated. He is bad. Because he is no good. Whatever he achieved in past is history. He still has his weakness outside the off stump. He can't compete with the likes of Dhanjaya, Gunatilake, Udawatte.

Posted in: Thilanga is on right track to salvage SL Cricket - SLC to restructure selection process.! by Malubanis (not verified) on Sunday, January 31, 2016 - 22:54. Reply to this comment.