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Yes I also agree with SLcricket1, the current issue we have is the opening stand. .Once we have a solid start middle order normally gets going. ..We never had a 70+opening stand in recent past, What we saw today was also very rare, I think today solid opening partnership helped the SL middle order to perform. ..

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Now we see why Sports Minister was so keen to hold SLC elections. He, Sumithipala and the group were planning to have fun during this England tour. The Honorable Minister will enjoy England for about 2 weeks on SLC money. Nice Deal! This could be one of the Election Promises he made to himself.

Maybe Ranatunga was also aiming for England and got pissed off when his team lost. These guys have no shame.

I feel really sorry for the poor SL fans. The money you pay for the tickets may not be spent entirely on cricket but for the enjoyment of the officials and their FAMILIES.

I am waiting for Ranjan Ramanayaka to talk about this.

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all the inning thiri played in this two games are double digit scores(22,16,19,13) while dimuth has three single digit scores and only one double digit score (0,7 ,9,26).. before we worry about thiri i think we have to be worried about the inconsistent dimuth in here .

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Certainly a better performance. Like I said players played some positive and bit attacking cricket. Of course conditions favored slightly but positive approach made the difference. If Mathews and fielders had done a better job in the England first innings and better performance from our first innings this match could have been a interesting one. Feeling bit happy that the team is still having something in them. May be in slightly better conditions we can still be competitive. Also we need to understand that England is at their peak currently beating South Africa and Australia recently and playing under highly favorable conditions for them in their own country.

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finally , good fight SL . keep it up the good work !

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I too agree best players sometimes do not make best captains but what if he is the only player who is good enough to play international cricket.

Name me one player from our squad who could get into England squad, not playing 11 but their squad. Let alone England squad, I don't see any other player getting into Yorkshire squad.

If as fans we get disappointed with the pedestrian fielding and bowling efforts it is no surprise that Mathews also loosing his interest. We have to give it to Mathews sometimes, we are being thumped by a team who are chasing after No 1 ranking. England are far superior to us in every sense. Do you expect any different result under a different captain?

Mathews is a more defensive captain, but on the other hand do we have attacking bowlers to attack is a valid question as well. On this pitch even Anderson,Broad seemed blunt so cook had some extra pace from Woaks and Finn but did Mathews have that luxury?

You don't need a Cook to captain the likes of Anderson and Broad when they are on song, even a scarecrow can do the captaining because they are the best opening bowlers in the world. Who do we give Mathews...? Some Eranga and some Pradeep.

We can make the golden boy captain and see for the Aussie series, but I don't see much changing apart from another series drubbing.
In test cricket usually the better team wins.

If Mathews let this happen in 50 over games as well then there is something to be concerned because in that format we can compete but not in test against this English team.

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Matthews is not a inspirational leader neither is he a master of tactics. So you can't expect a lot from him when things aren't going our way.

The biggest disappointment is the mediocrity surrounding him has gotten into his head effecting his batting.

Hopefully when he goes to bat he forgets everything and just bat with positive intent.

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Look guys no one can question Mathews place in the side, he is one of the, if not the, best player we have currently.

What I, along with countless other fans, pundits, management and anyone else key to Sri Lankan cricket, are questioning is is he the right guy to lead SL cricket forward. If everyone, or at least a majority, can agree he is the best captaincy option, fine. However if he is not, then who do we turn to for leadership of the team?

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The thing that annoys people is that Angelo has been in the job for awhile now it is not like he has just taken over. He had Mahela, Sanga, Dilshan under him to learn from at start. You would think he would have learnt from his mistakes. Perhaps a grilling from the often savage English media is needed post game.

He is the sides best player but sometimes the best players don't make best leaders and that is what it is seeming like. The criticism of captaincy is justified on the field the captain is responsible.

@cricexp You are right about being patient with a young side but the criticism of the captaincy and tactics is a different manner. It one thing to lose to a superior team, especially in foreign conditions but you would expect the team to try and fight. When the captain gives up by placing the fielders on the boundary and conceding easy runs to the opposition and the game drift away that is not fighting or being competitive. That is why expert commentators/media and us armchair critic fans are all annoyed.
It's disappointing to see team lose, but if they were competitive and trying and lost their would be positive signs. Only positive sign thus far is Mendis batting, which can (hopefully) only get better.

The fast bowlers minus Prasad and Chameera have not been bad. They have just not been very penetrative at this level esp on a slowish pitch (in Durham) and let down by some poor captaincy tactics. Figures haven't been the greatest but they look worse than they've bowled.

The batting is a different story altogether! Half of them are probably beaten mentally before they face a ball. From conditions in sky and on pitch to reputation of opposition bowlers.

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Murali stated in an interview with The Independent in 2014 that the natural bend of his arm was measured at 27 degrees which increased to 38 degrees in delivery. Hence straightening of 11 degrees. In 1999 the spinners limit was 5 degrees and was only increased in 2003. Therefore Emerson was right, no matter how much some dislike that fact.

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