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Well, duh!

If we win it, it will give the players confidence and will give us a massive chance to get to the semi-final as we will have to play either West Indies or Ireland, barring any upsets.

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It's disgusting how the media takes a few words that someone says and bends it the way they want those words to sound like.

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What kind of question is this? Pretty silly. Of course we should!

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this useless bugger dimuth needs to really enjoy the last tournament he will ever play for sri lanka.

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Most probably this will be the 11 against Austrailia;


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This a furtive attempt by yet another Indian media to depreciate Sanga's achievements. Comparing him with Ganguly? Seriously? And the writer is even posting this as a question. RIDICULOUS.

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@ UppercuT::

Who is talking about Test cricket..? don't try to divert the topic with foolish talk & accept the already proven facts as a sensible person.

I don't want to repeat things already given.

You have clearly said in your posting @ #12
: .......i have NO idea where u got that info on..... "Dilshan havin 42 Caught behind dismissals"...... according to the link i provided, of the current players Dilshan DOES NOT even have minimum 20 dismissals CAUGHT BEHIND.....

Anyone who followed the thread in this blog can see from the following link @ the same inaccurate site ( that UppercuT had quoted with a bogus piece of overall stats), how that site is contradicting his own statement.

Dilly's ODI profile, with his dismissal modes, given at the same site in following link clearly says: That DIlshan had DISMISSED 49 times Caught Behind, hilariously CONTRADICTING uppercut's own statement saying Diily doesn't have even 20 caught behind dismissals..:-))) CHECK the Link & see how funny this is....

It says Dilshan's Caught Behind 49 ( less than 20 according to uppercut :)) LOL

Tillekeratne M Dilshan (Sri Lanka) - How Dismissed - One Day Internationals

NO point talking any further with someone with no modesty to admit or brain to understand. Wasting my time on something going beyond sanity is not my style. You may post any rubbish, i don't care. My goal is to convey logical ideas to sensible people who like to read useful discussions & views with facts.


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Had the opportunity as a kid to meet this great man over dinner at home, What a wonderful character who seen the changes in SA Cricket from the 70's till his last. RIP Mr Chesterfield. (The man with the limp as I knew him when i was 10)

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Smaller grounds in NZ is also making it easier for batters.....

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