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still he saying there is no wrong in strategies, this ***ing idiot should be sacked asap.

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ur squad is very good, but drop suranga lakmal (He is not a match winner or regular wicket taker) and dammika prasad (he is not suited for t20, he should be play more tests) and add Maharoof (he is a wicket taker and power hitter down the order} and left arm fast bowler may be binura fernando (variation and he may b x factor)

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Aththata!!! ehenam 3 deparatment improve karagamu honde. lajja nsthuwa may yakku ekama de keyana hati. LANKAWATA HARI.

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dan oka aurudu 10 keyawamu ehenam. echchraiene oone. apith Zimbabwe wage dan. poddak gahapu gaman keyawanawa ai lesiyen ehema sellam karanne nane.

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I think it's time this guy is removed before he make our team look like amateurs. He can't coach which most of us agree in unison. I think even our A side coach would do a better job. SLC get rid of him before Indian tour. It will be better we start looking for a decent coach.

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Dan api aien karanna oone keyala kewwoth aien karanawada??? NA ANEEE. EHEMA UNOTH APE AIEYA MALO NADA OKKOMA SET AIEN KARANNA WENAWA

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Marvan should be removed right now. Lots of people raised eyebrows when this guy got appointed. I thought after world cup he would have been sacked. But people in high places supported him and still support him. If this guy continues it will be a disaster for Sri Lanka cricket. I hope he is sacked and an interim coach appointed bef the Indian series. Because interim suppose to be the favorite mantra of SLC.

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Thank you for having this poll. It's time to get rid of Marvan before the Indian tour and have interim coach until we get a foreign coach. We also need a foreign bowling coach as well to guide our up and coming fast bowlers.. (Lille, Wasim Akram....etc).

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After looking so many single digit scores from Kusal Perera as a opener I am not going with him as a opener. We need a player who has a proper Technique & has the ability to play a long innings. Also a opener who can deal with the deviation of the pitch. Just like Pakistan's Azar Ali. Although we have openers like Dhanushka Gunathilaka or Kithruwan Vithanage story is same as the Kusal. I think one & only player we have at the moment who has a proper technique & can read the pitch well is Dimuth Karunarathna. Even Niroshan Dickwella has a decent technique he is inexperience. Until Dilshan's retirement him(Dilshan) & Dimuth should open the batting. Lahiru Thirimanne is good at no.3 & Anjelo Mathews should bat at no.4 to stop middle order collapse. Then Dinesh Chandimal at no.5 & Kusal Janith Perera at no.6. Then no.7 is the biggest problem. I have known this will happened to the Sachith Pathirana he is easy pickup for the batsmen. I have seen some of the A team players of other countries hitting sixers to him all over the park. As a batsmen in later part of the inning he is not bad but his bowling is very below part. Even Thisara Perera is not a reliable player for this position. I think if Dilshan & Mathews can bowl 10 overs together I go with specialist batsmen for no.7. I have 4 options to this spot. They are Kithruwan Vithanage, Ashan Priyanjana, Milinda Siriwardene, Chamara Kapugedera. All of them are very good batters no doubt that. But Kithruwan Vithanage has the better first class average from this 4. But Milinda Siriwardene was the highest run getter in last domestic season. Also Ashan Priyanjana is the SL A team captain & with the experience he can take the responsibility as well & quick run scorer. Chamara Kapugedera is the most experience one fro these 4. Also I have other option of Jehan Mubarak.He is same age of Hafeez & Malik in Pakistan. I believe that he can play a another world cup. Now he is a more matured player rather than before & can play big shots as well. Therefore there are 5 options to no.7. Also I believe that Sachith Pathirana has a capability of batting rather than bowling. Some of his shots are very powerful. What about Jeevan Mendis? Then we need a one very good wicket taking spinner who can turn the ball. My first pick is PHT Koushal. But he should learn how to bowl better line & length. I think spinners like Murali, Herath should help for him. I don't know what is doing bowling coaches are? It looks to me they just there for earning money only. Then 3 fast bowlers. Dushmantha Chameera definitely should be there. We have the most weakest fielders who doing fast bowling job. Malinga, Pradeep, Lakmal all are very pathetic in the field. Look at that approach of the Pradeep when bowling just like a lady. Look at that fast bowlers of other countries like Mitchell Starc, Dale Steyn, Mitchell Jhonson, Wahab Riaz. They are tough characters. It should be the aggression of a fast bowler rather than being a lady. Although Pradeep has pace he is suitable for women cricket team. My other option is Dammika Prasad. he has that aggression more than other fast bowlers. Suranga Lakmal is a good fast bowler if he gives his 100% rather than looking until things happen. Also Shaminda Eranga there as well. Why don't we give a chance to Binura Fernando. He is the only fast bowler after others we have at the moment. Why we should not give him a chance. My first 2 choices as fast bowlers are Dushmantha Chameera & Dammika Prasad. 3rd fast bowler can be any one.

My odi team at the moment;

2.Dimuth Karunarathna
3.Lahiru Thirimanne
4.Anjelo Mathews
5.Dinesh Chandimal
6.Kithruwan Vithanage
7.Kusal Janith Perera
8.PHT Koushal
9.Dammika Prasad
10.Dushmantha Chameera
11.Suranga Lakmal/Nuwan Pradeep/Shaminda Eranga/Binura Fernando

I don't like Power hitters like Kusal & Kithruwan batting top of the order. Specially in opening spot. You can't produce power strokes as you like in any pitch or against any bowler. There is no big movement of the ball in last 10 overs. Therefore both of them should bat at that part of the inning. Again after Dilshan's retirement we will loose his aggression of batting,Reliability of batting,His bowling & fielding. If we pick a front line batter instead of Dilshan; Mathews has to take responsibility to bowl his 10 overs. Due to the Dilshan's retirement we do not need to remove any player above mentioned from the team for the balance of the team. Because Kusal, Kithruwan, Chandimal, Thirimanne, Dimuth, Mathews are the best batsmen we have at the moment. Selectors & Coach should understand what are they capable of & at what time or situation we can bring their best performance. Eg- Kusal is a match winner. But with the too much deviation of the ball he can be easily struggled. Therefore we should use him to bring his best at the time when ball is not moving. Hence that last 10 over period is suitable for him & Kithruwan.

But I am not sure Mathews can decent 10 overs each & every time. Therefore we need to bring a batting allrounder who can bowl at least decent 5 overs. First class record is the only measurement to select players. Therefore Dilshan's replacement player should have a FC batting average of 40+ & FC Bowling average of 30-. Jeevan Mendis has a 30- bowling average but his batting average between 35-40. Ashan Priyanjana has a 40+ batting average but his bowling average is 33. Shehan Jayasuriya has a batting average of exactly 40. Also his bowling average is under 30. Milinda Siriwardene has a batting average between 35-40. But his bowling average is 30+. Chathuranga de Silva has a batting average of 40+. But his bowling average is 30+. According to the first class record Shehan Jayasuriya has fulfilled the requirements of a batting allrounder. But Jeevan Mendis has the international experience. Jeevan Mendis & Shehan Jayasuriya are the first 2 options as the Dilshan's replacement.

If Dilshan's replacement is Jeeven Mendis Batting order;

1.Dimuth Karunarathna
2.Lahiru Thirimanne
3.Dinesh Chamdimal
4.Anjelo Mathews
5.Kithruwan Vithanage
6.Kusal Janith Perera
7.Jeeven Mendis

If Dilshan's replacement is Shehan Jayasuriya Batting order;

1.Dimuth Karunarathna
2.Shehan Jayasuriya
3.Lahiru Thirimanne
4.Anjelo Mathews
5.Dinesh Chandimal
6.Kithruwan Vithanage
7.Kusal Janith Perera

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තව දුරටත් ලහිරු තිරිමාන්න වන කාලකන්නි ක්‍රීඩකයකු තබා ගැනීමෙන් වෙන්නේ මේ රට අපකීර්තියට පත් වනවා මෙන්ම ලංකාවේ ක්‍රිකට් බලන ප්‍රේක්ෂක ප්‍රමාණය අවප්‍රමාණය වී බංගලාදේශ් මැච් බලන ප්‍රමාණය වැඩි වීමක් පමණි. මොන ( කියන්න කුණුහරුප නැ ) හරකද ලහිරුවා තෝරන්නේ. මොන පදනමක් මතද ඔහුව තරගයට දන්නේ. මොන පදනමක් මතද ඔහුව උප නායක කරන්නේ. ඕනෙම දෙයක් තෝරනකොට එක තොරණ මිනුම් දණ්ඩක් තියෙන්න ඕනේ කියල ඔනෙම් ගොනෙකුට තේරෙනවා. අර යුද්ද කරන්න ඕනෙම ගොනෙකුට පුළුවන් කිව්වා වගේ නෙමෙයි. පවුද්ගලිකව මම දැන් බලන්නේ බංගලාදේශ් මැච්. මොකද රට වෙනස උනාට එකේ අපේ රටේ කියන්න ආඩම්බර වෙන්න පුළුවන් තිදෙනෙක් එන්න නිසා.

එත් අපේ රටේ ක්‍රිකට ටීම් එකේ එන්නේ මෝඩ රැලක් කියල ඔහුනම් ඔප්පු කරනවා. අනික් අනිවාර්යෙන්ම මැතිව්ස් නායක කමින් දැන් අයින් කරන්න ඕනේ. මේවා මගේ හිතේ තියෙන ඒවා විතරයි. තිරය කිරීම ඔබල සතුයි. රටට ආඩම්බරයක් ගෙන දීම ඔබල සතු කාර්යයක්
මම වසන්ත

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