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Nicely said Stormy :-)

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Hopefully the first of many wickets to come

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I hope Sangakkara will get a 200 and equal Bradman's record before he closes shop. If he doesn't the blame should go to Rudy Kurtzen for giving Kumar out caught off the forearm, 2 or 3 runs short 200 against Australia. I was waching that match and I just couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I read that the umpire apologized later. Maybe he fell asleep under his sunglasses. One of those "Senior Moments."

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Well Chandimal is a very enthusiastic player with 100% dedication. No qualms about it. But your statistical calculation shows a really different picture if you take out those two centuries against "BANGLADESH". Then his "AVERAGE" is around 26~27.

Well neither Mahela nor Marvan took 4 years since their debut match to make their impact on game. Compare Chandimal with Safraz who would you pick?

AB, Haddin, (Watling,Ronchi/McCullum), Dhoni , Buttler, Safraz, Ramdin,Mush'qr Rahim, ( Chandimal where should i put him? )

These are the leading wicket keeping batsmen going around. Even if you're a bias supporter I hope you won't put Chandimal ahead of Mush'qr Rahim.

Okay, lets give him another four years, but if you extrapolate chandi's progress in last four years where would he end up in this list. Just above Ramdin?

At least if he could improve his strike rate he might be able to deliver few match winning performances, from last four years he didn't do many match savings either.

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The main focus/priority should be on the fitness, can't let fast bowlers get injured after every Test match.

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@Mazhar, it is obvious that you do not let the facts get in the way of your biases. As someone has said, you are entitled to your opinion, but, not to your own facts. One of the tours to England was as a last minute substitution by Sri Lanka. The changes for South Africa were dictated by financial exigencies in SLC. Neither of those decisions was engineerd by the players.

You should also remember that the powers that then managed SLC reflected an attitude of jealousy and vindictiveness towards players earning large sums of money in the IPL. Sanga, Mahela, Thisara Perera, have all been victims of that perverse attitude. Also, Sanga and all the other players then contracted were not paid for a long time and still played for the country. You have every right to present your perspective but it must be based on facts.

I am glad that Sanga has personally, and definitively, announced his retirement plans. The dust has settled, the noise has abated, around this issue. I hope he has a long and happy retirement. He is a proud Sri Lankan and a gracious and cerebral ambassador for his country.

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No, you have not.

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I cant help but challange the ICC on where they were when there was all out looting at SLC all these years? Why did they keep releasing funds with no questions asked when there was day light robbery. I would also ask the ICC about its Chairman before trying to tell SLC what to do. Having said that SLC must play the game to ensure our position at the ICC is not compromised.

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Credit where its due and Pakistan have done really well to get within 6 runs of the lead and now have a chance to set a target. SL still hold the advantage but I am thinking 140 could trump us as our batting looks very dodgy and the Pakistan attack (even withouth Wahab) will be potent in the 4th innings. From all reports the wicket has eased out but chances are this is as good as its got for batting.

So first day we were brilliant with the ball, second day we slipped but got a footing for a healthy lead, third day Pakistan fought back, tomorrow will be THE day and its up to SL to get in or face the prospect of chasing in the 4th innings and we all know what happens then. Time for SL to stand up and take the advantage or face the inevitable 4th innings pressure.

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Don't be surprised if SL will lose this match too!. We are famous for "Dropping the ball." I sincerely hope they will not this time. But, with Mathews "Wait and see" approach, Pakistan might come back.

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