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agree with russel arnold , mathews is bit too late to bring in herath , but i wonder it would make any difference if these people keep on dropping catches like this .

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I don't really understand these negative selections... Atapttu talk big but not a single positive thinking on to offer. Poor fielding. SL does not deserve to go that far.

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really poor again from dilshan. in back to back matches lakaml got screwed up by the so called the best fielder of SL lol .

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Wowww this team is disgusting..! Has to be the worst fielding side ever to play international cricket no doubt.. do they even train ? And these guys get paid in millions to do this ? No commitment ... after match parties every day in aus , [EDITED BY MODERATOR] , booze and all.. how lucky this bunch is !

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why ? not happy with the selection today? why fly upul in if angie is going to pick his friend DK over him -_-

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Ravi Ratnayeke was one of Sri Lankan cricket's big stars in the 1980s during SL's formative years. I reckon he was one of Sri Lanka's greatest ever cricketers but never got the recognition his contemporaries got. Because he left for Australia permanently around 1990.
Yes, he quit SL team in 1990. Because he bought a house in Melbourne 2 years previous there. Also there wasn't much top flight cricket. Also Sri Lanka itself was in a terrible state. With JVP insurrection and LTTE terrorism. Can't blame him, being lucky enough to go to Australia being one of the world's most desired countries to live in for people and Melbourne being voted back then as the best city to live in, so its a no brainier that at first opportunity he took first flight out to Melbourne and never came back except for a holiday as a tourist.

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has andrew said anything bad about malinga or are you boys reading the headline only? i have not read the article

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As someone who has visited Australia many times. I find Australians very similar to Americans and Canadians in attitudes and in how they welcome tourists. In fact Australians welcome tourists the best, Americans and Canadians can be incredibly rude sometimes anyone who has visited New York or Toronto will know what I mean. Australians in comparison are much more friendlier. Australia is even a better country to live in more than visiting. In fact I would go so far as to say Australia is the best country in the world period. Its got the worlds best standard of living. A wonderful varied climate. Wide open spaces.Can be a very sunny country. Friendly people mostly, great beaches and beautiful sexy Aussie women. Great cities. I think Australia is the closest thing to heaven on planet Earth. If someone gave me a PR for that country I would fly out today and never leave ever period.I sincerely wish the cricket world cup could be held in Australia every 4 years. Rather than anywhere else!

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@Thivi : No thivi, average cannot be used as a consistency measure in anyway, because the average boosts up significantly, with number of unbeaten innings.(Example: if someone scores an unbeaten 90* in one inning and then 3 x ducks in a row & another couple of unbeaten 2 x 15* = 120 / 3 = his Average is 40.00 despite getting 3 Ducks from 6 innings (50% of his innings ended up in total failure), isn't it.? that is why you cannot factor this in anyway to consider scoring consistency.

If you want to have a more closer look at good score frequency of players, let us consider a few players' frequency of passing 50 runs (100+s & 50+s) in their career innings

Frequency Ratio: Number of Innings needed to score each above 50 runs .
(Played Number of Innings / number of all above 50 scores)

1) Sanga - 3.26 ins (376 / 115)
2) Tharanga - 4.09 ins (168 / 41)
3) Mahela - 4.32 ins ( 415 / 96)
4) Dilly - 4.50 ins ( 284 / 63)
5) Mathews - 4.80 ins (127 / 26)

So Tharanga's frequency is 4 innings per each above-50 score & this frequency is only 2nd to Sanga (better than the rest). So none can say his consistency is not good enough, compared to others in SL.

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EXACTLY!!!!! what is the use talking about players who did not get selected????

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