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True, we need players who have managed "to marry technique with fast scoring" but chandimal , Matthews ,Danananjaya& Mendis seems pretty much enough... We do need those players who give the extra edge.. Don't want to rely on someone like prasanna or thisara too much... Im talking about big hitter who have solid technique, not sloggers .. Players like "Finch, Warner, Miller, Buttler, Stokes , etc... We may not have that calibre but how to judge without backing new players?? And people get upset whenever kapugedara is mentioned, just forget his past and judge him after his comeback.... He has been very good since then.. By the way, ODI cricket has changed A LOT... Mark my words, big hitting is gonna be a huge part of CT17... England seems to have adopted the idea that cricket is all about big scores.. The LOI pitches are pretty docile..

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Too early to tell but I'd put my money on Kusal Mendis ... True, Danananjaya seems more solid and competent but Mendis is still very young... Once he sorts out some issues, pretty sure he will be amazing.... His speciality seems to be in his ability to play any shot perfectly.. Rarely mistimes a ball... And hits sixes effortlessly!! It was really funny to see hulks like thisara struggling to clear the rope while a little guy like Mendis hit it a long way over!!! Matthews at his best still can be the most devastating...

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When we see the some of the comments of some guys who had said without Murali there wouldn't have been srilankan cricket, who can stop laughing at those comment. they have to laugh at themselves for those Jokes. they don't know no one is indispensable in this uncertain world, when one guy or one thing goes another guy or thing comes with more better results than the formers that is why and how this world is developing and moving fast. it is surprised to hear the comments of those who are trying to die with the past out dated records by underestimating the talent of the new rookies of the present srilankan team. PL stand in front of a mirror and question from yourself who white-washed the present world number one test cricket team, then you get the correct answer and you will have to be ashamed of yourself for making that sort of comments. we like Murali no doubt about that but what he did was wrong. also there would not have been a cricketer called Murali if Arjuna and the whole srilankans stood against those planned Chucking Allegations leveled against so called Murali at the inception of his cricketing career. also i appeal to those guys who tried to say that there wouldn't have been cricket in srilanka without Murali, that means you guys don't know about the history of our former stalwarts who shed their sweat to bring the standard of our cricket to international level. if someone says only one guy is responsible for the rise of srilankan cricket he should be having some mental disorder to say like that. if we mention the name of the former heroes who did a yeowman service to bring srilankan cricket to this standard we can write many pages so don't underestimate our past,present and future cricketers and their talents. we wish you all the best of luck for the comments made according to the little knowledge you have but pl. read and get to know the rich cricketing history we srilankans have enjoyed during the last so many decades, then you will realize how man talented cricketer we have had during the past era. good on you guys.

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As long as Sanath is there the same thing that happened to Milinda can happen to Dhananjaya. Sanath has to go. He resigned first time for a reason. Thilanga brought him back for a reason. Thilanga wants ultimate control of selections and Sanath is a good puppet who will follow orders. These politicians have to be chased away boys. Focus on the priorities to take Sri Lanka cricket forward.

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No doubt Dananajaya De Silva is the most consistent batsman who can bat at any position any time and in any form of the game (Test,one-day or 20/20) and also he has proved to the whole cricket loving people during the last Australian tour of srilanka by batting and scoring in all forms of the game. he is not only the best batsman in the present srilankan team he is one of the best all-rounders in the team at the moment.

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Angelo Mathews is the most dangerous and best but Dhananjaya De Silva is coming up fast.

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Did Dilshan say anything about the politicians and cronies like Nishantha and Somachandra who destroyed cricket in Sri Lanka? Nothing to say about Mahinda ordering the selectors to pick a team he wanted for 2011 World Cup final against India and bankrupting the board with the stadium in Hambanthota?

Check out these pics guys

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This isn't an official squad guys. And Dilruwan doesn't deserve to play as the sole spinner in tests- he was inconsistent in the test series and similarly in the ODI series. On helpful pitches, his lengths were all over the place. He has no variations like say Sandakan (who has the stock ball, the slider and the googly) and can't consistent hit the same spot for the entire over like Herath.
Without either of those traits, he will get hammered on unhelpful pitches which is what he will face until we your India or the UAE.

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Oh no you've woken up a Tharanga fan! Quick make it go away before more come!

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Chandimal 100%

Recently he has contributed so much to his country..Scoring centuries & goes invain..
England test tour century, unfortunately England wins the match.
ODI century vs Australia,unfortunately Australia wins.
He scored 5 consecutive Half centuries in ODIs recently & useful partnerships with the skipper at middle...

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