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Well, the English won't forget the fact that there is a threat called Malinga who could be totally devastating on Kiwi conditions..

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Tomorrow's match is not important as like the match against Australia on the 8th March to grab a position in the first 2 slots in Group A and avoid facing SA or Ind in quarter finals.

Now we can safely say NZ has won group A and SL only have the chance to grab the number 2 slot.

Even if we won the match against Eng tomorrow still we have to beat Australia to grab number 2 position. But if we loose tomorrow still we have the chance to grab number 2 position if we beat Australia. So beating Australia is a MUST and beating England would be a ADVANTAGE. (Provide all major teams beat minnows and there are no upsets ) - CricketStatsGuru

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T Dilshan's most number of fours.....

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Comment on Thisera at #7: I dont think this guy was ever earmarked to be a #7 so I think its a bit unfair to now expect him to bat at #7 and put that presure on him. He was always a pol adi sort of chap so run around thinking he can be a genuine #7 is unrealistic.

The bigger issue is the unsteady #6 which is putting presure on the #7 position. Having said that given what we have now, I would still play the extra bowler for Dimuth and bat Thisera at #7. If we want to win games we need the top order and the big guys getting the big runs and having the bowler options to defend. We simply dont have the options to win at game from our #6 and 7 batters in this squad.

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I seriously think that we must play a fourth bowler. With the new rules you cannot rely heavily on part timers. Perera is usually expensive and very expensive at the death overs. I would like to go with Senanayake as England are normally weak against spin and especially against Senanayake.
But if Kula can find some form he can give us a good start with couple of early wickets. I don't want to experiment Chameera against any big teams as he hasn't got much experience at this level and gambling him in a world cup match is too risky. He should have been given a chance against Afghans or Bangaladesh.
And I don't see any point in including both Chandimal and Karunaratne (or Tharanga). We should go with one extra batsman and must play a fourth bowler.

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David Warner, Finch, Baz, Kock, Gayle, Mooen Ali, Ian Bell: see nobody is holding back other than us. The problem for Tharanga started with the CB series in 2012 when he kept getting out very early that Mahela became the makeshift opener.

Play an aggressive opener upfront (which is impossible since there is no such opener in the current squad), or else set the platform at the initial overs, beef up the middle order and go bonkers at the death.

Upul Tharanga deserves a spot in the side but not at the top. I guess selectors have given him plenty of opportunities. He scored 174 against India and then followed it up with a very bad tournament against SA. He may score a century every 13 games, but what matters is what he does between two centuries. Jayasuriya used to do the same too but his innings were more impactful.
Consistency matters!If not why should somebody who scores a century every 13 game average 33?

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@Uppercut, excellent observation and I reckon Kalu was even worse. Kalu kept getting out in the first few overs umpteenth times (remind you of someone else?) but we still played him and let him do the same thing - the rest as they say is history! Dont recall anyone complaining then or suggesting he should suddenly start blocking and being consistent.

Not sure what we are waiting for - the next Chris Gayle to fall from the sky in to a diluted first class structure? It's never going happen, we are going to have th recongnise a talent and let it blossom at the international level. This doesnt mean we jump on it when they fail or move them up and down the order, in and out of the team (sounding familiar?).

We already have the blue print and not sure why we didnt use it. Instread we have plodders and blockers including the test opener in a the team at a time when teams are looking for 300+.

Also interesting to note Waqar Younis and Shoab Akthar on the receiving end on this list.

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I think Shaminda Eranga sould be included into the squad instead of Kulasekera. Kulasekera doesn't have any pace to trouble batsmen.

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Oh Pls NZ prepares wickets which are more suited for their type of game, they play cricket in rugby grounds. NZ cricket board was absolutely under prepared for the WC. If NZ plays their 1/4 or Semi in Australia they will have no hope.

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We dont want to focus on others but this is now both Aus and Eng failing to make 200 against NZ. Aus's potent bowling made it a close game but in the end NZ won both games with the ball. McCallum is a nut and took apart quality pace attacks so SL should gain come confidence from this really.

Bottom line is who ever wins the WC is going to have beat NZ at home which at this stage looks near impossible.

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