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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 14:19

I am not convinced this will work but its not like we have a heap of options. If you look at the other teams, most have aggressive opening batters so this would be like a English approach to one day cricket. Even they are now using aggressive batters at the top of the order.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 13:54

Far too many young Sri Lankan batsmen are always in the "promising" stage. They are always travelling and never arriving. Examples are Kapugedera, Chandimal, Kusal, Priyanjan, Rajapaksa.

To my mind it is not that they are without talent. I think they lack the mental strength and commitment to plan and execute a meaningful innings against top class bowling and fielding.It is one thing to score runs in the SLPL, it is another to do so consistently against International bowlers and fielders. Chandimal and Kapugedera in particular have given it away many times just when they were getting on top.On the other hand, Mathews plays the situation, starts carefully, and then puts on the pressure. Thirimanne too gets himself in before accelerating.All batsmen make mistakes. But, when the same mistake is repeated many times, something is seriously wrong.

The simple fact is that the batting cupboard is bare at this time.That is why the same players are given many chances. However, those players never seem to grab their chances. One innings wonders are just that. We need consistency.I feel that too many young batsmen have fallen for the trope about the Sri Lankan brand of "aggressive" cricket. What exactly does that term mean? Does it mean trying to hit every ball out of the park? Or that a blazing 25 runs is OK when a more sedate 50 runs is needed? "Nava gilunath band tune" does not win matches in International cricket except now and then.We need thinking batsmen, not "come or go Chicago" types.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 12:25

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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 12:07

Some players are going through a bad run of form even though they are talented. I will put Kusal Perera in to this category. Also Kapugedara in his early ages when given the chance in the national team. So it is worth giving these players more and more chance to peform. They will come good.

I agree I haven't seen lot about Roshen Silva so could not say much about him. But I have seen enough of Bhanuka to have an idea. Most people say that he is highly talented and should be in the Sri Lankna side. But definitely not for me at least for now. He also have serious weaknesses in the technique like Priyanjan and Chandimal. Don't think he will be success in Aussie conditions during the WC if given the opportunity. His first class, List A and recent scores and prove my points during these 3 years of his career. Apart from this he also does not posses the maturity level and will go for attacking shots all the time and giving his wicket away cheaply.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 11:57

i think its time to give him a chance ,but not a chance A PROPER CHANCE a decent chance i think it was a good investment

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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 11:43

@Hitman I agree with what you said that Priyanjan do not have the good technique but I thoroughly disagree with what you said here. Kapugedara is a highly talented player. Everyone have their opinions but to me Kapugedara is the most talented young player after Mathews and Kusal. Then why did selectors name him in the squad when he is at the age of 19. He is the youngest batsman came to International cricket for Sri Lanka in this century if I'm correct.

The problem that I see is he don't mature in the early years as like Mathews. Mathews willing to take the responsibility and pressure and win it for Sri Lanka. On the other hand Kapugedara also talented but cannot handle the pressure situations and come on top. This is what I like to see whether he now have the ability to be a good mature player who can handle pressure. It is worth a try and see.

Also hitman I agree Kithuruwan, Bhanuka and Roshen silva are talented but not as much as Kapu on his younger ages (Just to compare all at the same age). I agree Bangladesh bowlers are not good but this is exceptional performance by Kapu in the 1st 3 matches. Even Bhanuka and Roshen also playing where u said they are more talented than Kapu but their scores were very patchy. Specially look at Bhanuka first class and List A scores and recent scores do you think he deserved to be in the Sri Lankan side ???.

Rsohen Silva is a good technically correct batsman but don't have the power hitting that require in ODI's. But worth a look at both ODI and Test cricket after WC but not now. Kithuruwan Vithanage as u said deserved to be in the Sri Lankan side for the England tour. He is a technically correct batsman and also have the power hitting.

But as for now I feel best choice among these 4 players will be Kapugedara going for the WC. So we should look how he perform in the England series in the latter stages. I'm not saying we should give him a green right to go for the wc based on Ban performance. But definitely worth a look at.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 11:22

No i really don't think Mahela is a trump card at number 4 spot now. But he is an Ace, so opening might not be a very bad idea.

Here is why,
(Mahela Sanga Thiri Chandi xxx ) all these middle order players are not really aggressive batsmen to force bowlers out of focus from their lines and lengths. But if Mahela can score some runs and get his eye in by opening the inning it could give a solution to our low run scoring in middle overs and in power plays.

Further, if he looses his wicket early, then there is enough time to recalculate and adjust. However if Mahela's wicket goes for cheap somewhere around 35 overs mark, we always struggle to get a decent score. If Mahela opens we could send Sanga @ No 4 in case Mahela gets out early. This is a very good move in which we get more time and options to adjust during the inning.

Do not get fooled by averages, Dilshan's average will keep on improving with the way he plays now. He is anchoring the inning now, but does he have the fire power to propel the team score beyond 300.

Our problem is when we need to post /or chase 300+.
That was very clearly on show during last Indian tour. Those pitches were 300+ but we could not get there.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 11:21

to be honest we are under utilize our talents. we had great oppurtunity when after u19 worldcup 2010 coz we saw how much talented our youngsters were . bhanuka,kithruwan,chathura pieris played well in australia and newzealand in 2010 at a such a young age. we ignored their talent .now we have a issue of middle order .if we gave them chances at that time we dont need to bother today. mark my word same thing can be happen to vishwa and binura. i am not agree the fact that we dont have players. actually we have players. but we are not managing them and their talent properly.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 11:13

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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 11:03

my opinion we shouldn't take kapu 's centuries seriously. coz those were against bangladesh club teams and we all know the qiality of bangladesh domestic cricket . there are many players who much more talented than him but still miss the place in national side. look at bhanuka rajapakshe,kithruwan,roshen silva they are far more talented than kapu. my pick is kithruwan. kapu really poor against quality fast bowling. kithruwan and bhanuka played well in newzealand and australia when they played u19 wc. so they have that lot more experience in such a conditions than kapu who hit few sixes against brett lee in one match.

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