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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 15:03

Who said Dilshan is retiring :P

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 14:48

Exactly Melvo don't understand the logic of this article

This downgrade all legendary players like Sanga, Mahela and the best young player in the SL team currently Mathews heavily.

This writer says that Mathews batted at number 6 and reason for his average 34+ at the end of 87 matches is due to not outs. That shows his class and ability to cope well with under pressure and sees through your team for the victory. I'm sure he had S.R of 80+ too after 87 matches where as Chandi 70+. On the other hand it says Chandimal batted positions lower as 7 or 8 sometimes and reason for his down fall is that. So he also had the chance to boost his career average isn't it ????? Mathews was a regular test player from 2009 can you give an instance where Mathews did not played any test cricket for few matches during this period 2009-2013 ????? Article says Mathews played regular in the team due to his bowling in ODI matches. Did you watch any cricket matches in this period.

If you gone by stats at the end of 87 matches or few matches according to this article these players will become more legends than Sanga and Mahela

Mathews,Kohli,Rohit,Miller,Williamson,Root,Buttler > Sanga, Mahela

Talking about other SL players

Dinesh Chandimal = Lahiru Thirimanne = Sanga and Mahela

Kusal and Priyanjan has slight less average than 29 but they have 80+ S.R compared to Chandi less than 75 S.R. So they also can be compare to Sanga and Mahela

Kusal Perera = Ashan Priyanjan = Sanga and Mahela

So even though this article says that only Chandimal can be compared to Sanga and Mahela but according to the criteria given in this article I can assure all these 4 players will be Mahela and Sanga in future. Mathews can achieve a higher career status than Sanga and Mahela.

So we don't need to worry our future is bright !!!!! but on the down side there are many foreign players will surpass our two legends stats in future.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 13:39

10000% with SL Crickt and Surod

Am tried n fed up of talking about Chandimal.

He scored 34 yestday..

Didnt see a single shot connecting properly..(Bat eka Purola wadinne nah)

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 13:35

This is a very poor and biased article for Dinesh Chandimal. He has been given plenty of chances by selectors which he could not grab to show case to give more chances.

If he could not perform there are plenty of young players who are playing in SL domestic circuit to waiting an opportunities. So this writer wants only to give Chandimal over and over forever opportunities.

Why this article blaming Sanga and Mahela I don't understand. They are given such a valuable service to Sri Lankan cricket and they are going retiring at the right time when they are in peak of their form. Do you want them to retire at the end of 2011 WC when they are at age of 33 ?????. Then we might not be able to get 2014 T20 WC either. It is not like Sanath who did not perform in last 4-5 overs in his career Sanga and Mahela perform exceptionally well.

How do you tell Mathews was NOTORIOUS FOR MINDLESS SLOGGING early in his career.????? Can't you see Mathews played several match innings knocks for Sri Lanka in under pressure situations. One of them is FAMOUS MELBOURE MIRACLE IN 2010 where he and Malinga put up an 150+ partnership for the 9th wicket. Can u give any example where Mathews gone through a rough patch without any scores in order to drop from the side in his career ?????

Why are u telling giving players like KUSAL PERERA AND ASHAN PRIYANJAN an opportunities by saying introducing tried and tested players for them only ?????? So CHANIMDAL isn't a TRIED AND TESTED player ?????? So u want give Chandimal forever opportunities without giving others an opportunity even Chandimal fails ?????

This article shows every positive sides of Chandimal by hiding the negative stats. Look at other countries players like VIRAT KOHLI, ROHIT SHARMA, AJINKYA RAHANE, DAVID MILLER, QUINTON DE COCK, KANE WILLIAMSON, JOE ROOT, JOS BUTTLER they are also younger or same age of Chandimal. But they are grab their chances and now has Averages of above 40+ with S.R of also above 80+ or 90+ in their limited opportunities. That is the reason they are continuously in the team.

Don't make a judgement on player ability based on few matches in fast bowling conditions where Sanga, Mahela has played lot of matches with success. Do u expect a player who unbale to play in spin bowling conditions to go and do well in fast bowling tracks ?????

I don't mind if a article make few biased statements about a player but it is very unacceptable and unprofessional if the article dis-regard or down grade the stats of legendary players like Sanga and Mahela to Chandimal and make him shine. As well as it down grade Mathews performance as well as other young players like Kusal and Ashan by mentioning only them as tries and tested players. One of the very POOR and BIASED ARTICLES I HAVE EVER SEEN in this site.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 13:08

I don't know about this incident. But I know one thing for sure, as a keen follower of Cricket. That is, decisions NORMALLY given by BRUCE OXENFORD are hilariouS ! Even I can make better decisions than that.... I don't know how he is in the so called Elite Panel. Are n't they review the performance of umpires time to time ??? Someone please explain.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 13:06

sadly boon only see when a Sri lankan do a mistake

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 13:00

it's pretty foolish to compare sanga's & mahela's stats with chandis ... mahela and sanga starts their era in much harder time for a batsman comparing to now( i must say in those days more balance era with the bat and ball than now). there were no two new balls , less field restrictions rules . But now chandi's era is a batting paradise .. in those days 20-30 is like a 50 now, 230 is like a match winning total, but now 250+ is the par . and also do not forget that mahela and sanga had to face all the top wicket takers in the world in those conditions . I wonder chandimal had to face how many of them ? maybe only afiridi & harbajan ? .. even though steyn and ajamal bowl exceptionally well ,they are less effective than they should be with these new rules. so chandis 29 avg is like a 19 or maybe less comparing to those days . stats are good for judge a player but sometimes you need to look at them wisely . so the bottom line is that chandi do not deserve anything better than this , SLC is treating him correctly for now.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 12:55

:) :( :) :) :)

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 12:25

I would try Maha or Thisara as an opener. I also think both should be in the playing XI. I remember Maha doing well in the top order few seasons ago.

Let's think a bit out of the box. Let's be different like Arjuna opted the Sana/Kalu combination which rocked the world!! Let them go play their natural game. Am sure the rest are capable to handling the situation.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 11:56

Agree with every bit of your article.

He has never been given a long run and never batted at the same position for consecutive matches. Who know what he would have achieved if he were given that chance?! This is further proven by the fact that Chandimal scores heavily every time he is dropped from the National side and plays in the A-team (he recently scored tons in England for the A-team) - he gets to play in a position he can bat in and actually plays a few matches on the trot.

Very sad indeed to see such a talent being destroyed by the selectors, and to an extent, the seniors. Chandimal, without the slightest doubt, is the most talented young cricketer in Sri Lanka at the moment, he just hasn't been given the chance to prove it. Have the selectors got a vendetta against him?

He has proved that he can bat on green pitches, better than on Asian pitches, to be honest, and he deserves the chance more than any other youngster. To assess his form, he must play in the two Tests against New Zealand and must play in most, if not all, the ODIs. He looked promising in the 6th ODI against England, so he could be coming back to form. And it is such a surprise that the 6th ODI is the first match he got out of the SEVEN ODIs against England!

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