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What a crazy match this was. Sri Lanka should of won it but silly mistakes cost them the game. Fielding was quite bad again, Nuwan Pradeep could of actually run out woakes which could of potentially changed the game. The reason we lost was the 3 runs they took from the second to last ball. How on earth did Sri Lanka gave 3 runs from that ball!!!. Pradeep was bowling like a pro but Chandimal and Maharoof suggested other ideas which i feel caused him to mess up his last ball. Technically a tie but feels like Sri Lanka lost. Very frustrating to watch, Sri lanka just cannot win against England this tour can they? Hope Mathews recovers well. For next matcn i think Tharanga should be replaced by Thirimanne. Other than that, team is good.

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Stormy, glad the video surprised you on so many counts!

Agree, Ramprakash & Hick were a disappointment on the int. stage.
Apart from the uncovered wickets, there wasn't any/very little protection available to the batsmen so what they achieved under those circumstances is phenomenal.

Perhaps, the reason why we don't have any Indians on that list is because in those days they didn't play much cricket. Also, there weren't many great batsmen who played for a long duration.

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machang doosra thanks!!!!

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He is in the squad i think... No point in taking him all the way to england to just sit on the benches..... We cant do what we did with ireland to england(Bowl 3 or 4 part timers.)... I think pradeep, lakmal and bandara should be playing.... Prasanna can be the spinner.... Maharoof , shanaka , mathews and gunethileke can support.... It'll be a well balanced side

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I think Chaminda bandara should be given a chance. Not sure if he is still in the squad

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Thanks Damith for the response, Appreciate that ! yes you can't please everyone I am sure there are more guys who enjoy this article, it's just I do not like being too critic over simple matters, it's true we do not perform good in test nowadays but it's not the first time, we have never being good in test rankings, specially after Murali/Vass retires, some people are (not you) acting like it's the worlds end..

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Cheers for the comment. Always enjoy some good feedback. Let me see if I can address your points.

re: First of all what you need to understand is as Sri Lanka cricket nobody state that we lost due to a conspiracy..

The general feeling on social media and within the ranks was that a huge injustice had been done. I was making a point to show that we should not hide behind those remarks and mask what really happened in the Test series. Because that helps no one.

Jarrod Kimber is Australian.

I don't think expressing my opinion on a cricket match lets my country down in anyway. But ok.

re: It's not the first time we lost and not the first time England won, England have been exceptionally well in home condition for past 2-3 years
Suggest you read my article after the 1st Test where all this was highlighted.

I also said that losing at Headingley was quite understandable

re:Yes you can criticize Mathews Captaincy..
Yes not many options on the captaincy front. We just need Mathews to be better. Not much proof to suggest he will though, sadly.

re: Before you say "Chandimal did little else..
Yes I believe I did look into all those stats. If Chandimal is to bat at 4. He should not keep. But in my opinion certain players prefer a particular batting position. And Chandimal seems like no6 as does well there. I personally also think he should be in the top4. That's why I said he showed little evidence here to suggest he should go there. Which is disappointing. I would like for him to give the gloves because it's just not working. This should then give him the chance to move up the order.

re: Also, when you say "Opening two continue to grow as an opening pair"
I completely disagree with this point. In the first 3 innings our entire batting failed. The reason for our success last time in England were these 2 blunting the ball as you say. We have not had a stable opening pair for a long long time. And these two just now establishing themselves. It's difficult to compare our openers with other countries because most of these guys learn to play the moving ball once they get to international level. So it takes a wee while. I am not thrilled with the progress but it's a working combo in my view. And changing it now would be a mistake. The numbers might not back me up. But the more they play together the better they will get.

re:Also, in my opinion- I think Kusal Mendis is more suited to play as an opener with his aggression and raw talent
Are you talking about Tests? Or LOI cricket? Maybe in the future he could open in LOI's. I don't know. But I think he's fine at No3 in Tests. An attacking No3 is very rare. Think Ponting and not Sangakkara. Long ways to go. I would give him all our tours until end of next year at 3 unless he fails catastrophically

re:Anyway, All in all, another poor article !
Can't please everyone. But thanks a lot of reading and dissecting. I appreciate it.

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First of all what you need to understand is as Sri Lanka cricket nobody state that we lost due to a conspiracy or anything related to that, our team and management stood up against few individual cases which clear showed the world that even though we are a small tiny nation the people of the country have the backbone to stand against the's just cardboard heroes like you who think criticizing your own team will make you famous, the headline itself let your country down..there was a similar article published on Espn but that was written by an Englishmen, so they try to let our country down is imaginable (that's what they have been doing throughout this tour).

It's not the first time we lost and not the first time England won, England have been exceptionally well in home condition for past 2-3 years, they have defeated all the test nations except Pakistan during last year or so and became no 1 in Test ranks before India took over it. The no1 test rank team India also lost to England and their innings in lost causes are 152 and 161 (43 ov),148 and 94 (29.2 ov) they lost the both matches by an inning. Last year Australia lost to England by 4-1 the Ashes series and in one match Australia got all out to 60.

Yes you can criticize Mathews Captaincy, but if the team total is less than 120 in 3 innings what can captain do to rescue the team? I also believe Captaincy should be changed but who should be the replacement?

Before you say "Chandimal did little else to prove he can be trusted to go further up the order" do you know Virath Kohli has never scored a 30+ inning in England (played more tests than Chandimal) and his average in England is 18? Do you know Kane Williamson's average in England is below 30? Have you forgotten Chandimal did really well in the previous tour in NZ batting at no 4 averaging 45+ ? just 2 bad innings in England and you want the 2nd highest Average guy bat down the order? Pathetic !

Also, when you say "Opening two continue to grow as an opening pair" do you even know these 2 openers holds the worst opening average which is 35.14 (in 35 matches) among current test nations? Bangladesh openers average is 64(16 matches) where average of India openers is 46.2 (31 matches). The main problem of the batting collapse is the opening pair, responsibility of the opening pair is to play the new ball till the new ball effect disappear and create the platform for the rest of the batsmen to score runs, when opening pair fall in first 5 overs next 2 batsmen also have to play the opening role which should not be the ideal case.

Also, in my opinion- I think Kusal Mendis is more suited to play as an opener with his aggression and raw talent. He does not posses the temperament need for a no3 batsmen, if we want to keep persist with this 11 I think Kaushal will be a good option to play 1 down allowing Kusal Mendis to open with Dimuth.

Anyway, All in all, another poor article !

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I agree with you Stormy regarding Tharanga. If he is picked and playing surely he needs to be at top of the order. Otherwise it's a wasted selection.

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Sounds great idea in theory. Could have them play warm ups against school teams too.

Unlikely though as doesn't visiting board approve/give ok to itinerary of the host.

Going by the past It is likely the ECB will ask for games in Kandy, Colombo and that their touring fans (mostly Balmy Army) will get a full holiday in Sri Lanka visiting various cultural and tourist sites in between games. For international games that is. Warm ups may not be as big a deal.

I wouldn't be surprised if they ask that they can play the majority of their squad in warm up games so won't be an official first class game if more than XI play.
But up to SLC and selectors whom their opponents are and what caliber of players...only thing is they may want to test out some of our players on fringe of selection against the tourists to decide who deserves a spot.

Scheduling Tests first would make it tougher for any touring side, providing hosts are ready and prepared.

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