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First hope, then a slow death inside

As fans it’s a very tumultuous time. A world cup around the corner, with your team unraveling by the game.

[Podcast] Tom Moody, Dav Whatmore, Russel Arnold and more pay tribute to Mahela

How do you assess and summarise the career of a player who not only played cricket on a different plane but also touched the many lives that make up the cricket fraternity? 

[Podcast] Retirement round up, Pakistan series review and India losing

What has Damith been doing in Andrew's room late at night? What's wrong with the Sri Lankan opening pair? How good is Sri Lanka's attack?

Armchair Critics Podcast - 'Sri Lanka should win the ODI series'

Andrew and Damith straddle the line between bravery and stupidity predicting a big ODI series win for Sri Lanka, right before the team crashes out for 67.

[Podcast]The Lorgat disappointment and Kiwi calamity

Join Damith and Andrew as they patronise New Zealand’s batsmen, equate South Africa’s bowlers to a bunch of 12-year-olds, suggest the Lorgat Report carries little weight because Arjuna pla

SLPL - a comprehensive review

I wrote this a few weeks ago and forgot to put it up here. Some parts of this was published on Cricinfo as well.

"It's the duty of every Sri Lankan to support the SLPL"

So says Sandeep Bhammer, the CEO of Somerset Entertainment Ventures (SEV) who are the promoters of the SLPL.

SLPL players to be paid 50-percent upfront

Last week, Andrew and I spoke with Tim May, CEO of FICA, the Federation of International Cricketers Associations on our show The Armcha

Sri Lanka win a Test series

This is a post I wrote following the series win a few days ago on my blog,

Pallekele, Day 4


Pallekele , Day 3

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 1st Test - Report Cards

The first test is done. So we thought we might try our hand at a little report carding.


It's all about the IPL

The IPL. And Sri Lanka.

In 5 short years the IPL has managed to polarize the whole fan base of Sri Lankan cricket.

[Podcast] Armchair Critics - Ep 9 - IPL and Sri Lankan players and England tour round up

In Part 1 - We discuss the IPL and the Sri Lankan players participation in it and the the role of the Sri Lankan Cricket board in all the controvery that has come with it.

WC 2011 Fan Memories Montage

April 2nd 2011 was a very painful day for most Sri Lankans.