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Too many expert commentators

I guess there are two types of cricket audiences: There is the wannabe expert, who basically laps up every word said by the commentators and regurgitates it as their own.

The Sacking of Mickey Arthur

We have got it all wrong, haven't we?

When I saw the Sydney Cricket Ground a sea of pink with a sell-out crowd in attendance, it was time to reflect on the difference between what is going on in Sri Lanka vis-a-vis Australia.

Is there no pride in playing for your country?

I came across the following line in an article published by cricinfo: "playing for a team that appears to regard defeat as an unfortunate inconvenience in the headlong pursuit of money"

It's tough to lose but ...

But don’t you think, if we had to lose, it would be nice to lose to certain teams rather than others?

Too much cricket!

I never thought that I would write a piece with a title such as this! Then again, as the James Bond film title goes: "Never say never".

Continuity should prevail, Sri Lanka have not fared that badly

So, we have finished three tough tours.

Wise decisions

When Asitha Jayaweera, acknowledged by those who know as the greatest captain Royal College ever had, made a decision to leave our cricket at the u-19 level ( when he and Mendis captained a series against Australia in the mid 1970's) he went off to England to pursue his studies and into relative oblivion.

Fine Tuning for Cape Town

There is little doubt that we will get a green top in Cape Town. Sometimes I wonder what the Match referee is there for ?

Attitudes in cricket

Watching Kallis bowling bouncers at Dilhara Fernando ( a no 11 batter if ever there was one ! ) presumably because Kaliis was struck on the helmet by a bouncer from Dilhara, in the first test.

The Farcical Tours Program

The FTP should be given a new name! The Kiwis are getting trashed, so are the Windies and Bangladesh. We have that pleasure in store for us and the day seems to be coming inexorably closer.

Cricket – Short term prospects very bleak

A comprehensive loss to Pakistan leaves all Sri Lankan cricket fans with only “more of the same” to expect in the near future.

It's no loger a game!

While watching that horrible inept batting display in the 4th ODI against Australia I got a telephone call.

OH YEAH... the boys can play!

I would like to present a slightly different outlook to what seems to be the current opinion held by the “pundits” on how the 3rd ODI between England and Sri Lanka ended yesterday.

The highly biased English press, led by “Bumble” the heavily accented, constantly whining parody of a Englishman, aided and abetted by the English man with the Indian mentality Nasser Hussein, have gone into rhapsodies about how immature and selfish the finish of the game was.

Arrogance, Cowardice or Lethargy ?

The current buzz word for the English team seems to be “no1 in the ICC test rankings” this of course largely forced on them by the partisan, patriotic to a fault, English press. They, however, show little signs of taking the bait or being lured into making a play for the title!

In Cardiff as EVERYONE knows they won and unlikely victory. The English commentators have not hesitated to tell us that at every given and in some cases highly unnecessary, opportunity. Largely by lulling the visitors who had come from a boom bash 20/20 tournament into a sense of complacency and turning the heat on in hurry and finishing the match before the Lankans were able to “wake up”.